Friday, August 17, 2007

I Found The Definition of Douchebaggery

Yeah, it's none other then British limp dick Andrew Keen. Never mind the fact that the guy looks like a date rapist, he believes that the internet is ruining our culture. Since no one is paid to express themselves, they are all amateurs. Cause with corporations who decide what music is played on the radio we are stuck with craptastic melodies that have the musical talent of some fat guy breakin wind. We have five hundred bands who all sound like Good Charlotte or The Killers. Let us look at today's nominees for Best Rock Song from the Grammys
* "Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol
* "Dani California" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
* "Lookin' for a Leader" - Neil Young
* "Someday Baby" - Bob Dylan
* "When You Were Young" - The Killers

The Peppers get a pass because they've been around for a while, but even they have sold out to their corporate masters. Neil Young and Bob Dylan were nominated because there is nothing else out there. Which leaves us with Snow Patrol and The Killers. I will admit, The Killers are growing on me, but Snow Patrol and every other band you hear on a mix station can blow.

Where are the days of bands like Poison, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Lynard Skynard, and AC/DC? When was the last time you heard a band and went, fuckin a? Pop music has always sucked, so we don't need to go into that. Rap and R&B used to be separate now they're pretty much the same. I haven't heard a great rapper of note to make the big time since Eminem, and before that 2 Pac and Snoop.

This is why the internet is a great place, there are artists out there who aren't making money because they don't fit some corporation's mold who can get their name known. Filmmakers who don't have connections and aren't willing to make the latest crappy remake can put their own thing online and at least SOMEONE is watching it.

He tries blaming bloggers for people believing there was WMDs, say what? Last time I checked it was the internet who were the ones acting like professionals and not sucking at the administrations tit like a starved pig. Andrew Keen, kiss my ass.

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