Thursday, August 9, 2007

The new "King of Swing"

Im sure by now, even without knowing my true identity, that the SeyHey Kid is, and will forever be, a Giants fan. Every team in the modern era of baseball has delt with scandal. The Oakland A's being a major one, where 2 key players have been linked to steroids, one openly admiting to being "The Godfather of Steroids". I am a Giants fan never the less and was extremly thrilled, happy, and proud to see one of my own break the most coveted record in all of sports. Throughout my excitement, not one person came to say "Hey Kid, congrats on your boy", well one did *thank you Dew*. I get nothing but grief, vicious slanders, and even "Kid- shut the fuck up".

To quote Navin R. Johnson "My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi". Well, I didnt grow up as a poor black kid in Mississippi, but i did grow up as a poor white kid living in a vastly populated Asian community. That being said, Being made fun of ALOT, I developed pretty tough skin I dont really care if people disrespect me in childish ways.

But I digress. Love him or hate him, the record is what it is. Any true baseball fan will respect that what happened was quite incredible. To see 50,000 fans at PetCo Park, the home of a most hated rival; stand, clap, chear, and oddly enough wait for a curtain call, for the man everyone loves to loathe, shows that it was indeed an accomplishment. Anyone who doesnt, anyone who will lash out at a friend who happens to be a fan of the player; is simply just a poser who flocks to the beat of everyone elses drum.


Dews said...

Anyone that truly believes that Steroids make you have the ability that Barry Bonds has, is ignoring some extremely recent history...

Case in point, Neifi Perez has been suspended (Oh he was CAUGHT by the way, unlike some "assumed" people) for using steroids.

In Mr.Perez's illustrious 11 year career in the majors, he has 5127 At Bats, 1370 Hits, and 64 home runs... 64!!!!

Bonds has never tested positive for anything except being a bit surly to reporters (thus, the Jim Rice treatment).

Besides, (hypothetically), even if he DID, how can any of you so called "purists" claim that cheating isn't one of the foundations of baseball anyway??? Some of the most celebrated Icons of the game are celebrated as such for BEING CHEATERS!!!

Gaylord Perry's Spitball OR Vaseline ball, John McGraw holding runners by their belts, Cobb's sharpened spikes, Niekro's nail filer... The list goes on and on.

Why aren't we up in arms about Mr. Clemen's name being on that list of names that Jason Grimsley gave to the feds? Cause he kisses reporters asses, thats why...

Getting off soap box now... :)

Shane Rollins said...

No one is saying Barry Bonds wasn't one of the best players to play the game. He can do things no one else has, ever. He was a sure thing first ballot hall of famer, and then he got jealous.

We all know he took steroids, his only defense is that he didn't KNOWINGLY take them. I'm sorry, you're a professional athlete, one that is notorious for controlling every aspect of your life and you don't know what you're taking, that's bullshit.

He hit around 332 home runs by A-Rods age, his head has grown about as much as the Grinch's heart, and wears more armor then the USC Mascot. He could have gone down as the best all around baseball player that ever came around, but now he threw that away so he could be a home run king.

You know why no one cares about a spit ball, vaseline or nail file? Cause they never threatened a hallowed record, that's why. Now I don't support lashing out at Bonds fans, I don't lash out at SayHey, hell I give him more shit over the 89 world series then this.

I just don't like the fact that he is going to get a pass. Shoeless Joe Jackson was one of the greatest ever, but got taken down by a bunch of cheaters. I won't support Bonds or Rose going into the HoF until Shoeless is in.

Dews said...

I guess the point about Shoeless Joe is a good one... That was a sad story about those players though, and Comiskey is rotting in hell for how he treated them (Cicotte especially).

I disagree that Bonds will ever get a "Pass" though. He'll never escape the fact that we all talk about what he allegedly did. Same way Maris had to be defined as the home run king "For a 162 game season", ie the asterisk.

If McGwire had gone in with Cal and Tony, then I'd agree that Bonds will get a pass, but since Big Red screwed up HIS pass by stumbling over his words to congress, he's now part of the discussion (though to a MUCH lesser degree).

Looks like our topic has generated National interest though :)

SayHey Kid said...

IF Mark gets in, then Barry is a first ballot easy. Shoeless I think is a sad story, he was literely the least educated person in all of Illinois.

But with Bonds, you cant ignore his earlier accomplishments. But look at the argument in favor of Barry. How many pitchers did he hit those HRs off of took steroids??

PS- Clint, funny guy.....point taken. Dont let editorial power goto your head there Murdock

Shane Rollins said...

See, even being an A's fan I don't know if Big Mac deserves to be in the HoF. Other then his early years and his later years, he had a span of five years or so where he was just a mediocre player.

Bonds, without steroids, deserved to be in the HoF. The problem is, Rose before becoming a manager deserves that honor as well.

In regards to the article, there is a slight difference. When it comes to certain things, we don't mind mental cheating, that's always been part of the ballgame. The issue is augmenting your body and not a piece of equipment, you HAVE to draw a line somewhere.

SayHey Kid said...

Rose is in a class of his own. He did nothing wrong on the field as a player, but his denials of gambling as a coach really shot him in the foot.

Agreed. Bonds was amazing even before his MLB days, as was McGuire. You really cannot make a HOF argument on bonds until he retires and talks more about the alleged/current use

Dews said...

I dunno, I guess I just don't feel like Bonds has broken any rules here.

Testing has only recently begun and he has not been "caught" using anything, so I feel like the RIGHT thing to do is that whole "legal foundation" of ours by assuming innocent until proven guilty...

Its not like Miggy and his B12 shots afterall :)