Friday, August 31, 2007

No more Snow Jobs

(Picture taken shamelessly from Breitbart)
Faux news expert turned political hack Tony Snow has apparently made his mind up on moving on from the most difficult job he's had to do in the last 20 years. Not that his abilities in lying through his teeth didn't come in handy as the President's spin-doctor, just that he wasn't able to be so blatant in his representing the "Prez" and all.

Snow, citing health as well as being a greedy whore that needs more then 168k a year in salary, will probably hit up the speech circuit at universities and events, being booed heavily most everywhere I'm sure.

We'll miss ya Snowy.

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Livingamongmorons said...

I guess I have to give Snow a little credit for refreshing honesty, but geez: This guy's salary at Fox approached $3 mil per year, and he also had a syndicated radio show at ClearChannel for a number of years. For him to tell us that he can no longer remain in public service because "he isn't making enough money" is just obscene.

I guess I would rather hear the usual "more time with my family" boilerplate.