Monday, August 20, 2007

The Quinn Supremacy

As one of the two resident Browns fan here on LSWTF, I thought I should speak up about Brady Quinn's performance this weekend and why the entire Browns fandom is excited, hard and wet over the Irishman. You have to understand, when we boil everything down to the bare bones, we've never had someone perform like that.

You see since we were given a team once again we have not had a starting QB who did shit or shinola for us. He came in and in two drives scored twice, almost winning a game. We got excited because we haven't had a QB who could do that since Bernie Kosar. I don't care if it was against third stringers, he's been in camp a week, A WEEK! So excuse us if we feel like the 12 year old kid in the 80s who just saw Phoebe Cates' breasts.

Now then let us get to the gristle of the matter, we are just now getting close to building a team. We received a team but those in charge of what most would call "team building" did nothing of the sort. We really didn't see any progress on that front until Romeo and Phil Savage came on board. We could have had Willis McGahee but Butch Davis didn't want to seem like all he wanted was his former players, ass. Hell, look at this list of players who were taken in the first round of 1999, the year we drafter Tim Couch number one, and who was just cut by the Jaguars.

Donovan McNabb | Edgerrin James | Ricky Williams | Torry Holt | Champ Bailey | David Boston | Chris Claiborne | Chris McAlister | Daunte Culpepper | Troy Edwards | John Tait | Anthony McFarland | Jevon Kearse | Damien Woody | Matt Stinchcomb | Luke Petitgout | Patrick Kerney | Al Wilson

We could have had any of those player and we chose a quarterback from Kentucky. The ownership thought a man who never won at Kentucky would be fine leading an NFL word for you boys, dumbass. I myself that year, being the Longhorn mark that I am, wanted Ricky Williams. Hell, we could have started our defense right and taken Champ Bailey or even Jevon Kearse!

So you can understand why we still get excited when one of our draft picks shows promise or even competency, we are still getting used to that. Romeo Crennell and Phil Savage had an uphill climb and I think they have done wonderful with all things considered. They understand they have to build a team, and not like the Florida Marlins.

Sigh, if only we had come back a year early, we could have someone you may have heard of, goes by the name Peyton.

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