Monday, September 17, 2007

Actually I'm truly fascinated

Honestly, there is some information in here that I was genuinely fascinated with.

Did any of YOU know where the idea to have saggy pants hanging off your ass came from? I didn't think so!

I found this truly fascinating, as it really is one of those things I just could not wrap my head around as ever being a good idea, or a logical thing to do.
The bare-your-britches fashion is believed to have started in prisons, where inmates aren't given belts with their baggy uniform pants to prevent hangings and beatings.
Also haven't heard the word "britches" in a long time, other then someone saying it accidentally while heavily inebriated...


SayHey Kid said...

haha seems so obvious that we should know that.

Shane Rollins said...

I did know that, and the length also meant if you were willing to accept...ummm...certain things as well.

Dews said...


Shane, your new nickname is "Fish"