Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creepiness just hit an all time high

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
The world of robotics (and apparently toys) just reached a new level of creepiness today with the announcement of "Zeno" the worlds first artificial boy...

I already take exception with the term "Artificial boy" as any boy that didn't have a childhood full of wiffleball, football, and horribly painful ways of learning sports given to them by uncles in their 20's and early 30's (ie, don't jump to catch that ball or else this shoulder is going into your back, "Thats called playing Safety!"), but I digress... (Horrible flashback over).

Anyway, this whole toy thing that looks and reacts to its surroundings really creeps me out on so many levels. I mean, I don't want some damn toy to judge how I live! I mean hell, what happens if I want to have a "guest" over to my place (hypothetically speaking), will I have to discuss it with my toys before this is allowed? Are they now considered roommates? Do I have to get dressed to walk around my place? Do they secretly share notes? Is it like my Wii with built-in wireless that communicates with other devil toys throughout the world?

This is seriously freakin me out here. Maybe if this technology was used to make something a bit easier to have around the house? Maybe a Blond Southern Debutante version, complete with southern accent?

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