Thursday, September 20, 2007

Napster anyone?

Not that I'm a hopeless optimist here, but I find it very strange that after a brief "cooling off" period between Viacom and Google regarding YouTube allowing full episodes of shows to be available online, NBC and Viacom patsies are doing the exact same thing.

Does this remind anyone at all about what that whole Napster program used to be like? The attempts made by the small insignificant Napster at reaching out to recording companies to figure out some way of compensation so that everyone wins and they could continue to do business?

Is it me, or is this just how Corporate whores react to someone coming up with good ideas? If they can't control them, then they'll immediately use the best resource they have (total manipulation of the US Judicial and Congressional branches) to crush them and take their idea.

Is this really what we intended when we wanted Corporations to have the same rights as a human being? Wasn't the idea originally to just form a company to provide "Service A" to a certain area or community?

What the hell happened since then?


Shane Rollins said...

Complete side note-The Cthulhu party? I'm in

Dews said...

yea, like that?


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