Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Due to tailgating and a wrestling show I didn't get to watch any of the games, but I have seen the highlights and know the story so I give to you the rankings for this week.

1. New England Patriots (1)-When do they play a team? They get the Bengals, if they shut down this offense no one may stand a chance.
2. Indianapolis Colts (2)-Another day another win, though once again the AFC South looked impressive.
3. Dallas Cowboys (3)-Either they are this good or the Bears offense is that bad.
4. Pittsburgh Steelers (4)-Another cake walk for Mike Tomlin and his Steelers, I wonder when they will be tested as well.
5. Green Bay Packers (8)-Brett has moved them into the top five, but the argument is there of did they win or did the Chargers give it to them?
6. Tennessee Titans (7)-Ok, it took me till week 3 but I will firmly admit that I am now a believer in the Titans and in the AFC South in general.
7. Houston Texans (9)-Three AFC South teams in the top ten so far, are the Jags gonna make it as well? This may be the first time the Texans kept the Colts close.
8. San Diego Chargers (5)-The first team to move down in the rankings, but we know the talent is there, their defense just needs to start playing again.
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16)-Our first big jump of the week, they very well may be for real this year with Jeff Garcia.
10. Jacksonville Jaguars (23)-A BIG 13 spot jump this week by the Jags, perhaps I was wrong, maybe dumping Byron was a wise move, but we'll see when they play some real competition.
11. Seattle Seahawks (25)-I had sold them off, thought them dead, and this may be the only time they sit this high, but for a week they were out of the twenties.
12. Carolina Panthers (17)-This has more to do with folks losing then them barely beating the Falcons.
13. Baltimore Ravens (22)-They managed to pull out a tough win, but what happens this week when they play in their most hostile environment?
14. Chicago Bears (6)-This may be the biggest drop this week, but they should have signed Byron Leftwich without blinking an eye.
15. Washington Redskins (12)-I cannot believe they let that bad of a team dominate them in the second half, embarrassing is what it was.
16. Cincinnati Bengals (14)-A tough loss to the Seahawks have them slipping a bit, they need to get that defense on track.
17. Denver Broncos (8)-They came into this season expecting to be a playoff team, and technically the entire AFC West is, as they are ALL at 1-2.
18. San Francisco 49ers (11)-A bit of a drop this week as their offense decided not to join the rest of their team in Pittsburgh.
19. Philadelphia Eagles (19)-Why didn't they raise any spots? Because putting 50 on Detroit is no reason to celebrate, that was done in one half, where were you in the second?
20. Detroit Lions (13)-They came back down to Earth this week, but smile Detroit by some miracle you're still in second.
21. Arizona Cardinals (15)-They had it in the palm of their hands and the last remaining Brown took it from them. Figure out your QB situation ASAP.
22. Cleveland Browns (20)-Yeah, they lost because the Raiders are learning and evolving, but they put up 24 on one of the best defenses in the NFL.
23. New York Giants (28)-Congrats, Christmas came early for you Coughlin and allowed you to be a head coach one more week in this league.
24. Minnesota Vikings (21)-They lost to the Chiefs, that's difficult to swallow, worse is not having a quarterback and relying on an injury prone Sooner.
25. Oakland Raiders (28)-Already Lane Kiffkin has this team in games, and learning literally week to week. Now if they can only hurry Russell along.
26. New York Jets (27)-They finally won a game, against the Dolphins, but a win is a win right? Right?!
27. St Louis Rams (26)-A tough loss to the Buccs and now Jackson may be out, Marc Bulger must hate life right now.
28. Buffalo Bills (18)-A tough loss losing Losman, but this team does have fight in it, they at least have that.
29. Kansas City Chiefs (31)-How they managed to win a game with less talent then a few college teams is beyond me, but they've done it.
30. New Orleans Saints (24)-Well, we at least know they're not the worst Arena team in the NFL, but LSU has a better defense.
31. Miami Dolphins (30)-It's gonna be a tough year for Cam Cameron, but he can look forward to taking Colt Brennan or Andre Woodson second in the draft.
32. Atlanta Falcons (32)-They were actually in a game, that's a sign of life, but Terri Schiavo had signs too. Petrino has already filled out his card for Brian Brohm.


SayHey Kid said...

Haha low blow for Schiavo, but when your right your right.

btw- Niners everything didnt show up vs Steelers. Unless Joe Nedney counts

Dews said...

I no longer feel bad for anything I've said, or will say going forward :)

That was funny man, now I gotta top it! :)