Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Nothing like spending a quarter of a million dollars on baseball memorabilia, just to entertain the option to destroy it. This is yet another reason everyone in the world hates the USA. The man who apparently has everything purchased the Barry Bonds homerun ball 756 and may destroy it. He is letting the public vote on its fate.

Sir, may I ask are you smoking Tim Raines crack or are you REALLY that arogant and smug. Do you smell your own farts because you like the fumes?? Are you seriously going to destroy something this historic??? Whether or not he did steroids, and he probably did, you dont have the authority to do such a hanus act.


Shane Rollins said...

The money he paid says he absolutely does

SayHey Kid said...

I hate rich people sometimes

Livingamongmorons said...

Hey, it's not the Magna Carta. I hope he does destroy it. And good riddance. That ball is more tainted than a slab of chinese beef.