Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still Don't Believe eh?

So, you're still on the fence about "Global Warming" and its ""Hypothetical" effects on weather patterns eh?

If you are making a few million on the side from the Coal or Oil lobbies, then more power to you, but if you haven't gained one cent off that belief, then brother you have been selling yourself short.

Southern California (or as Ahnuld says "Caleefawneya"), is preparing for a winter storm!

Yes beautiful southern California, location of San Diego the most wonderful place in the world (or so I'm told), where the weather is always about 80-85 and sunny. Yes, that is the place that is preparing for a winter storm.

There may be some debate as to what is causing the global warming (not much), but we are most certainly facing some sort of global shift in weather patterns and behavior. I guess the more important question could be, do we keep debating causes, or do we make some sort of effort to curb what we believe to be causing it? Is some effort better then doing nothing?

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