Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Yes there are no gays in Irania and the streets are filled with cheeeeese"

I couldn't help myself, all I could think of when I heard Ahmadinejad's (well, excerpts of his speech anyway) speech was poor little Fievel.

In case you missed it, there are plenty of articles about it in today's news here (Shimon Peres blasting Columbia U), here (Direct reference to the whole "no gays" comment), here (College kids laughing it up at a foreign president's expense), and of course here (Iran is apparently even more pissed at his reception here).

Now, regardless of how I feel about Iran, its leader, or any of the hugely messy political issues connected with Ahman (I'm gonna call him that from now on, since its a helluva lot easier then copy and pasting it), I DO respect Columbia University for showing some balls and allowing this man to speak.

Say what you will about so many of those issues that may or may not have anything to do with Ahman, but you gotta respect any organization (I feel anyway) that is willing to take a chance on something so immensely unpopular to allow this man a chance to be heard to an American audience. I applaud the fact that ANYONE in position of power is able to do controversial things for the sake of spreading ideas because I couldn't tell you the last time I've seen a person in a position to do this actually allow it to happen.

They may not have helped their cause by proclaiming that they would "Invite Hitler to speak", since that lovable nutcase's name brings up so many wonderful images that the press can easily attach to this event, but at least they put themselves out there.

The fact that people protested this event should also be applauded though. Good for you for showing how you feel about the scheduled speaker, this is part of what makes democracy work!

My only regret is that given all the events and complicated issues surrounding this moment, that all I"m left with is a damn cartoon mouse singing some song in my head that I haven't heard in easily 12-15 years... Damnit...


SayHey Kid said...

Ironic, you use a Russian-Jewish immigrant mouse in a thread for an Iranian madman who wants to eliminate all Jews.

I mean I think this guy is a madman, but Columbia hosts dictators like this regularly, remember Castro came by not to long ago, as well did Chavez?? There is no doubt that this is a special circumstance, he is a sick and twisted f*ck. I also think it was awesome that the protestors came out, prolly the first time this country has been polar and partisan since 9/11. Hell, why didnt Bush think of this!!

Dews said...

As M. Night Shyamalan would say "Ah! What a Twist!"