Friday, October 26, 2007

Buchanan Preaching the Truth! (mostly)

Always been a huge fan of Pat Buchanan in his hands off approach to most things, though his hands on approach to religious involvement in portions of public of government operations always made me squirm a bit.

All that being said, he typically stands as the bastion to conservative values for most republicans, so when he has a judgement call to make on someone, typically there is a significant audience listening.

So when Buchanan comes out and says that:
"Rudy offers the right the ultimate Faustian bargain: retention of power at the price of one's soul."
I would tend to believe that there is a pretty big audience listening (or I would hope so).

The GOP does seem to enjoy branding Romney as their "St. George" vs the "Dragon" of Senator Clinton, but Giuliani continues to maintain a fairly wide appeal among the party, as well as some more moderate members that like to highlight his crack-down on crime and sheer "luck" at being the mayor of NY when 9/11 occurred. He was not nearly this popular prior to the attacks, but for some reason people equate him with strong leadership precisely because he was mayor then.

I guess I don't understand how this guy can seriously be a legitimate contender on the national scene? Honestly, what is he really known for, except for just being there on that day?

You read countless articles and op-eds about how this guy constantly ducks chances to be involved in brushing up on foreign policy to attend fund raisers, is just about always late for any event he's planned on hosting or attending, has members of his own family working for Obama, I mean what more do people need?

He's always been a "bad guy", he'll always be a "bad guy"! It hurts my head to feel like all those people that voted for the "Idiot Boy King" are going to turn around and vote for this guy purely because they can't find a worse candidate...

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Shane Rollins said...

I can't support a man who isn't even loyal to his own sport's team