Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dews Policy Ideas...

Saving the world, one idea at a time!

Random ideas for a wednesday, though I had discussed some of these with our Legal analyst DC&H, so hopefully he'll chime in with his thoughts on the subject as well.

First up, a nation-wide high speed Mono or mag rail line system. Powered exclusively by new nuclear plants placed throughout the route (back off hippies!). Obviously this is going to be extremely expensive, so I propose we take social security and use the funds as an investment "in ourselves", ie the national infrastructure. Think its a smarter investment then T-bills anyway...

Honestly, I don't see people giving up their ability to be mobile and drive everywhere and anywhere, so the only way I see us combating the more frivolous wasting of fossil fuels is by giving a fast, safe and cheap alternative. Hell, the average trip time with these trains in Europe is not all that different then flying.

Why not show some initiative and get our country to actually DO something again? We haven't had a national project since FDR it seems, but also doesn't seem like we're inclined to do anything until its too late.



Shane Rollins said...

I am in full support of this idea, but I have another idea for funding. Get the states to chip in, the more you chip in the more locations these trains stop at in your state.

This is something that is long overdue in this country, especially with the way flight prices have skyrocketed. I would support a stop at any city with 225,000 plus people. I will write more about possible locations later today.

SayHey Kid said...

States should be more active in funding this stuff. Hell, Several countries have this technology. Why not us?

Hell, Japan is kicking our ass in the next phase of rail transportation......Magnetic levitation! Cool stuff once applied.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

The benefits here, in my opinion, are staggering.

First, a relatively clean mass transit system. Opponents of nuclear energy always jump to Chernobyl. I hate that. Are they saying that we can't make a nuclear power plant that's safer than a decaying 1980's Soviet backwater power plant? Come on. The French have been doing this stuff for years.

Second, at least as far as freight goes, this has got to be faster than trucking stuff across the damn country. Get stuff to market faster, and you will be an economic god.

Third, this is a new system of infrastructure. Hasn't every era of progress been preceded by an infrastructural overhaul?

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