Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whatever Happened To Listening To Your Coach?

Apparently lil Basile didn't like being benched for cursing so he called his pops, who called some other people, and then they proceeded to assault the coach during practice, in front of all of the kids.


Way to a be a role model there sparky, a three on one fight in front a bunch of impressionable children. This is why folks need licenses to have children now a days, people just don't know how to be a parent anymore.
An 11-year-old baseball player upset over being benched for cursing in batting practice called his father, who drove to a Bellmore ball field, rushed the mound and, with his brother, pummeled the coach, sending him to the hospital, police said Wednesday.
Before the attack, Edge, involved in youth league coaching more than five years, lobbed baseballs from the mound to his 11-year-old players, who includes his son, a pitcher. Edge repeatedly warned Frank Basile's son,a pitcher and best friend of Edge's son, about cursing, Freeley and police said. When he continued, Edge benched him.
After receiving the call on his cell phone, Frank Basile drove from work to the field with his brother and a friend. As he rushed toward Edge, the coach motioned for his players to clear out.

Police said the older Basile punched Edge in the side of the head, causing him to drop to his knees. He was struck again and fell to the ground, blacking out as he was repeatedly punched and kicked, police and his lawyer said.

Just a great parent, dontcha think? The wife isn't any better who blames the entire incident on the coach! You two need to have your children taken away since obviously you are endangering their welfare by teaching them that fighting is the ultimate solution to any problem. That may be extreme, but we see more and more parents fighting with coaches because the coach benches lil Tommy cause he's being a shit.

Folks, don't ride your child's coat tails to money and fame. There are thousands of children out there attempting to do the same thing, if your child is good enough or wants it enough it will happen. You attacking every single person that is a speed bump to money and fame will not help your child, it will hurt his chances even more. You need to learn to be better parents, much like the coach who was attacked, like volunteer coach James Edge.
"He didn't throw a punch," Edge's attorney, Mark Freeley of Woodbury, said. "He took the high road. He's about instilling the love of the game in the kids."

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SayHey Kid said...

People just dont learn. I think that father who beat the hockey coach to death got life in prison.

This guy is lucky he only gave him a concussion, or else he would get the ass beating of a lifetime.....everyday!

I couldnt agree with you more Shane. These days, you should be tested, evaluated, and licensed to even consider having a child.