Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chris F'N Dodd

You have to give it to Dodd, he's definitely swinging for the fences.
Hi I’m Chris Dodd.

I’m from East Haddam, Connecticut.

And my family and I are spending a little time in Iowa these days.

I have a question about the Constitution. Many Americans are concerned that the Administration seems to be making a false choice. That is to be safer we have to give up rights. I don’t believe that, I wonder if you do. And if you believe we aught not to give up our rights, what would you do in order to protect our Constitution?
I bet you ever single candidate on the left right now is cursing themselves for not being the first one to do this. I wonder who it will be who will submit their own question. Is there any doubt that it will be Joe Biden?


Dews said...

First one on the left, but not on the right... Huckabee has been going after the Libertarian vote since almost day one by saying similar things.

Takes guts to say it, but Dodd's even more a long shot then Huckabee at this point. Hell, Huckabee has a chance to win, Dodd doesn't at all, no matter how much I may like him as a person of course :)

Dews said...

Side note: Ron Paul may have been to, but I honestly wasn't listening all that hard :)

Shane Rollins said...

Huckabee is tough for me. Sure he may be fiscally more liberal, his social policies are still based on the dark ages.