Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dews Baseball Thoughts

Ok, so the Hot Stove league is in full swing now and all us Baseball junkies are not quite getting the shakes yet (since football is around still thank GOD), but those purists out there that don't watch Football I'm sure are already tearing their hair out (My Grandfather in particular I'm sure).

Some random thoughts on some of the big names out there after news of the Lidge to Philly trade went through this morning.

First off, lets look at this first deal in particular:
Astros give up Brad Lidge, sometimes awesome closer for Michael Bourn (Former CIA Hitman turned outfielder), 3B prospect Mike Costanzo, and Geoff Geary.

Other then Bourn, who projects as a 4th outfielder, or perhaps a Dave Roberts without any chance of hitting anything higher then a single "type", the Astros really didn't get a heck of a lot back on this trade. That being said, Lidge is a head-case that is known to allow big time batters to get in his head (Albert Pujols is his daddy).

Surprising move in that Lidge was a name we all heard at last years deadline, but quite honestly wasn't on my radar screen going into this offseason as trade bait.

The big fish out there currently though, is the ever expanding Miguel Cabrera of the Girardi-less Florida Marlins. This guy has "stupid" talent, in that he could quite honestly be the best or runner up for basically every batting stat possible for the next 20 years if he so chose.

Knowing this, and the fact that he is all of 24 years old, the Marlins want to trade this guy? Worse yet, the rumors had been circling around the Yankees of all places for him to go...

Only place to me that makes sense for this deal to go down, would be SayHey's Dodgers. They've got a treasure chest full of upcoming stars they can deal to make this happen, its just a question of what combo they'd be comfy with. If they included Kemp on the deal, they would be nuts, but as we've all seen the Dodgers are quite capable of doing a lot of things that make no sense.

The deal I'm hoping and praying for is of course the Tejada to the Dodgers for Kemp and Billingsley.


SayHey Kid said...

Ive sais it once and ill likely say it again. LA Dodger rookies fade after 1 season. Examples: Raul Mondesi, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth, Hideo Nomo (Mike Piazza was traded so he doesnt count) and the list goes on.....

Michael Bourn has talent, he played great when Howard was hurt. I think he was a great pickup!! As for Lidge, good luck in Philly, they havent had a decent closer since Wild Thing, and look what he did.

Cabrera should goto NY, but Hank wont trade any studs so that wont work. LA Needs a solid 3b and they did offer Kemp and Billingsly last season. Im sure they will pull the trigger this time.

Shane Rollins said...

I can actually see something happening in Boston of all places. They have the relationship with the Marlins already after the Beckett trade that worked well for both teams. The Rox also have plenty of young talent they can still give up.

Now imagine the 3-4-5 being Papi, Manny and Miggy

Dews said...

I think the Sox are too enamored with Lowell to make that happen though.

Besides, they'd have to package Bucholtz in any deal for Miggy I imagine...

Shane Rollins said...

Miggy doesn't just play 3rd, hell he wouldn't. They'd move him over to right field and shop JD Drew to the royals or something.

I wouldn't be shocked if they gave up Bucholtz for Cabrera

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

The Sox have the payroll flexibility to do this kind of thing, but I don't see them giving up any starting pitching for Cabrera. It's true they have a wealth of young starters, and the rotation figures to go Beckett-Matsuzaka-Lester-Buckholz-Schilling/Wake, but with Schilling and Wake on the tail end of their careers, they'll need these sooner rather than later.

But, several things are coming into play that might make this happen. First, forget Lowell, Manny is the key. He's probably gone soon with his contract coming to the end. The Sox will need a new left fielder, and if Cabrera will agree to a contract extention that has a weight clause in it, he could be the guy. I'd love to see him send rockets over the Monster. I just don't know how likely it will be.

Dews said...

I actually wonder if the Sox could get that deal done with Lester instead of Bucholtz?

Honestly, I'd make that deal in a heartbeat. Maybe Lester/Moss/Crisp and... Damnit, I forget Sox minors right now, but I bet the Marlins would take Lester instead.

Lester is perhaps the most over-rated pitcher on that staff, outside of Curt "I blog and talk about shit I do not understand" Schilling.

SayHey Kid said...

Miggy I believe was once a SS. Anybody who has half a brain wouldnt put him in the OF. Its like putting David Wright there in RF. You dont do it!!

The Red Sox always have an opening at SS, Lugo isnt what one would call a prize SS. That and you could put Lowell back at 1st, put Youklis at RF, dump Drew and have Miggy at 3rd!!

For you Youk fans, Robin Yount was a GG at SS and even got one in the OF, so its VERY doable!

Oh, and Dewey- Redsox brass are speaking to Boras as we speak regarding could happen!!