Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Land of the Stupid

Apparently an anti-abortion group in Colorado is attempting to get on a ballot a measure that would state that a fertilized egg is a person in a way to circumvent law and to ban abortion from their holy state. Apparently the group psychosis suffered by people living near a Salt Lake has spread and has now infected Colorado as well. I would love to sit these folks down and explain to them the ramifications of their ballot would actually have.

Now obviously I am not unbiased towards Colorado, I have my reasons for hating Denver, and in a broader context Colorado as well. This though has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. Though I guess deep down inside I always knew that one day this was going to happen. That some group of religious nutters would decide that this was the best course of action to suppressing the daemons that infest our lands.

Look Sparky, making it law that a fertilized egg that is to become a fetus could open a door into something you yourself could step into. Say you knock up your wife, you're excited, but then she has a miscarriage. A very good prosecutor could back around and charge your wife with negligent homicide, especially if she's a smoker, we hates those kind of people nowadays right? Same thing goes with her accidentally falling down the stairs and has a miscarriage. Hell, theoretically you could get into a car accident with a lady who is recently knocked up, cause her to miscarry, and end up being charged with vehicular homicide!

Now then, I know you think abortion is bad and a sin Mister throwing rocks in a glass house, but ask yourself, do you want to open that Pandora's box? I'm not a lawyer, I'm not even playing one on tv, I'm just marrying one and yes I know I'll probably be corrected on all the facts that I likely got wrong, but someone had to say it.


SayHey Kid said...

My simple solution- If you dont pay taxes and is not claimed a dependant.

If you do not do the above then you have no rights to live therefor no crime commited.

Of course this theory is flawed since 12 million illegal immigrants pay no taxes and legal residents seem to dodge em as well.

Livingamongmorons said...

1. They are Undocumented Aliens- human beings are not illegal.

2. Undocumented Aliens play plenty of taxes, or do you think they carry Tax Exempt Cards with them when they head off to the store to buy groceries, etc.?

3. Most Undocumented Aliens pay plenty of income taxes, they are deducted by their employers, because they use phony Social Security cards. What they DONT get is the benefits.