Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NCAA Football Top 25 Nov 13

It FINALLY happened this weekend, and I'm glad I was the only one of our pick em group to make the correct pick. The Illinois Fighting Illini managed to upset the Ohio St Buckeyes and knock them out of the National Title game. I told you all that Illinois had too much speed for Ohio St, god damn I love being right. This week's power rankings have altered greatly due to all the upsets this weekend, enjoy.

1. Kansas Jayhawks (1)-Another week, another victory for Jaba and his hutts. This week they were able to take down the Cowboys of Oklahoma State and continue their march towards the national title game. They have Iowa St this week, which should be easy enough for them if they don't overlook it. Then it's a game I never thought would be a game for the national title, Missouri and Kansas thanksgiving weekend.
2. Oregon Ducks (3)-The Ducks had the week off to prepare for the game this weekend against the Wildcats. They have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way at Arizona, at UCLA and home against Oregon St. The Oregon St game will be a big one as the Beavers always manage to find themselves ready for that game. UCLA have been giant killers at time this year so they can't overlook them either. The saddest thing is the lack of a Conference Championship game may hurt the Ducks.
3. LSU Tigers (4)-I still have yet to be wowed by this Tigers team. Kentucky hit them in the mouth and they lost. The have Middle Tennessee, Tulane and Louisiana Tech on their schedule, is this supposed to impress me? Arkansas is the only speed bump until the SEC Title game, and if they don't get the job done something tells me the other SEC Championship Game team will.
4. Missouri Tigers (5)-This very well may be the best team in the nation that no one knows about. Chase Daniels has become a legitimate Heisman Candidate, and should be higher then Teabow since his team has only lost to the Sooners. If they somehow beat Kansas and then get some revenge against OU, can you believe that Missouri will be in the National Title game?
5. Oklahoma Sooners (6)-They have Texas Tech this week and then Oklahoma St next week. I hate the term trap game, but that's exactly what they have to finish out the season. Texas Tech and Oklahoma St I think have a good chance to beat the Sooners, especially the Cowboys. If they win out, can they beat the Big 12 North?
6. Arizona St Sun Devils (8)-No one seems to be paying attention to the Sun Devils anymore, ever since they lost to Oregon at least. This is still a damn good football team, especially one that has as many injuries as they do. The future apparently is bright with the Son of Elway committing to the Sun Devils.
7. Ohio St Buckeyes (2)-So sorry Luckeyes, or the great name I hear this weekend Fuckeyes, but you just can't stop the Illini, and the Juice was loose. You better be on your game this weekend, Michigan is going to be a hungry, angry team looking to take their frustrations out on someone. Don't think you're gonna get Wisconsin lucky and not have Mike Hart playing, he's dying to beat you.
8. West Virginia Mountaineers (6)-West Virginia is a team much like Arizona St, they're ranked but is anyone really paying attention to Pat White and Steve Slaton? It's definitely not like last year where every other highlight was something Mountaineers. They have two tough games remaining, at Cincinnati and home against UConn. I don't know if they can get past the Bearcats who have really figured out how to play football.
9. Virginia Tech Hokies (15)-They struggled for the majority of that game, don't let the score fool you. They were damn lucky to be playing against a freshman quarterback who folded once he made a few mistakes. Once again I think the Hokies underachieved, especially looking at all the talent they have. Whoever drafts Brandon Ore in the NFL should be fired, this kid is afraid to get hit.
10. Clemson Tigers (20)-I started to see this team move up a few weeks back, I thought they were really coming together. I did not, however, EVER saw them being able to dominate a good Wake Forest team the way they did on Saturday. What I saw was a dangerous team, a team that I'd put money on if there was a playoff system in college football. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Clemson wins the ACC title.
11. Texas Longhorns (9)-I don't care what anyone says, they keep finding ways to win games, namely Jamal ManChild Charles. This kid is single handedly carrying this Longhorns team to victory week in and week out. Thankfully someone is since Colt McCoy still is suffereing from Chris Simms syndrome. They have a small shot at the Big 12 Title game, they just need help from Texas Tech and Oklahoma St.
12. Georgia Bulldogs (16)-Another big win for those Georgia Bulldogs. I'll be honest, I had Auburn winning that game, but then again Auburn is about schizophrenic as the Saints and Chargers are this year. I'm gonna go against them again this week when they play Kentucky. I just don't believe yet, but if they can beat Andre Woodson, then I might actually start to believe. I just don't know if they're the team to beat LSU or not.
13. USC Trojans (17)-Well, they kept up the winning and managed to beat their toughest Pac 10 foe these last few years, Cal, on Saturday. There's enough talent on this team to be a serious contender for the title...if there was a playoff system. As it is, they're just trying to play either Ohio St or Michigan in the Rose Bowl this year.
14. Hawaii Warriors (11)-Apparently Colt Breenan received a concussion against the Fresno St Bulldogs this past weekend. This is not a good thing, especially considering that they have to still play at Nevada and then take on Boise St and Washington at home to finish out the season. I'll say this, if they manage to go undefeated they need to be talked about in the National Title game. No one talked about Boise St last year and looked what happened. Can someone finally give the WAC some actual respect?
15. Boise St Broncos (14)-Somehow Boise St is actually ranked above Hawaii in most polls, that's just amazing. Of course people still have images of Statue of Liberty's running through their head as well. If they beat Hawaii and go on to win the WAC, again, then they have a very good shot of sneaking into another BCS game if enough teams lose. I'm looking forward to another Boise St upset, this time hopefully against Ohio St.
16. Virginia Cavaliers (21)-I damn near squealed like a little school girl when I saw the final score of the Virginia Miami game from Saturday night. I'm sorry, any time someone destroys Miami like that, let alone shut them out, it's a good night. The big game is in two weeks when they play Virginia Tech. They have two weeks to heal, plan and prepare themselves for the fight of their life. You know Chris Long is licking his chops thinking about the fragile Hokie quarterbacks.
17. Boston College Eagles (12)-Two weeks agao most people had Boston College as their number one overall team, now they've lost two in a year, including this week where they somehow managed to lose to the Terrapins of Maryland. I don't know if it is injuries, the pressure of being number one, or karma finally hitting the city of Boston, but something is not right and they need to fix it before their playing in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.
18. Florida Gators (19)-I hate having to list the Gators, let alone in the top twenty, but there is too much talent to go unnoticed. They vanquished Spurrier with 50 points, much like he used to do against the Gamecocks himself. Myers decided to schedule a chump game this week as they play Florida Atlantic before the host the Seminoles which will be without a doubt a bloodbath.
19. Illinois Fighting Illini (N/R)-Speaking of the Gators, Ron Zook and the Illini make their debut this week into the top twenty five after defeating those Fuckeyes. What my dream is right now, and if a bowl was smart they'd book it. What I want to see if Ron Zook, Juice Williams and the Fighting Illini take on the Florida Gators on New Years Day. Hell, make it the Gator Bowl to up the stakes.
20. Cincinnati Bearcats (N/R)-Cincinnati lost some close games to Louisville and Pittsburgh, but has since then come back and beat South Florida and UConn. Wait, let's look at this right now, what is the deal with the Big East? They have three teams on my top twenty five, is that even reasonable? I don't know, but they're beating folks so I'm just gonna shrug it off and enjoy the view.
21. Kentucky Wildcats (N/R)-Those pesky Wildcats will not die and have re-entered into the top twenty five. The big game this week is against the surging Bulldogs of Georgia. There may be a slight chance that they could face LSU once again, in the SEC Title game, but a great deal has to happen to accomplish that feat. First step, beat the Georgia Bulldogs.
22. Tennessee Volunteers (22)-Somehow Fulmer and the Tennessee Citrus Volunteers can conceivably make it into the SEC Title game. I know, I'm not sure how they've managed to do this, but they've put themselves into prime position to do just that. They have Vandy this week, and then a game that could decide that very fate, playing Kentucky.
23. UConn Huskies (10)-They ran into a determined Wildcats team and were taken down a few notches, or thirteen, but they still should be very proud of the season they've had. No one expected this team to amount to very much and they've managed to last this long into the season and have pretty much secured themselves a bowl game somewhere, which has been a long time coming for the UConn football team.
24. Wisconsin Badgers (N/R)-A nice job Badgers, but we don't need any...fuck it, the line is played out. The Badgers beat a Michigan team that was without Mike Hart. I think they sat him because they didn't give a damn about the Wisconsin game and wanted him fully healthy to play against the Luckeyes and attempt to save Lloyd Carr's job. My co-worker disagrees with me, but all Carr has heard is how he can't beat Jim Tressell and the Luckeyes. I think there is a very distinct possibility.
25. Michigan Wolverines (13)-I was going to initially put Auburn in this place, but remembered I had Michigan ranked higher last week so I kept them on one more week. They have the big game against Ohio St next, and Lloyd Carr will be fighting for his job. I kept them on this list because I believe that Michigan can and will beat the Fuckeyes. It will be one of the better games between the two in recent memory, and I can't wait for Thunderdome.


SayHey Kid said...

I cant argue with your top 5, Oregon is hands down the most talented team on the field.

Very happy OSU lost that game. They got outplayed in just about every facet of the game

WVU- I cannot wait for them to lose another trap game. They barely win and its always ugly.

Hokies played very well, a few bullshit penalties, but aside from that they were poised. Shows that you cannot laugh at a qb for getting a concussion, because karma is a bitch. Weatherford is somewhere eating his paste flavored pudding somewhere. Good game Hokies!

Wow, 10 spots for Clemson. You know i like it. Hell, if FSU cant win, at least gotta cheer for the rest of the ACC. I love it when Wake gets humiliated.

Yeh, Texas manhandled TT. I still think McCoy is the most overrated QB in the Big 12

Georgia is the Boise St of 2007. They may be in the SEC but they were written off last year. WTG Bulldogs

USC- wow, out of every top 25 poll, but still here. You got high hopes! They need to resolve that QB issue before they turn in ND

I love it when anyone beats Miami. Even the Cavs

BC- Kinda wish the Terps would have lost. It would have meant more for Noles fan if we were the only ones to hand them a defeat. In Maryland tho, Come on BC!!

I may be anti-Gator, but im more anti Spurrier. I was hoping for a 0-0 tie, but I guess we cant always have what we wish for

If I had it my way, Illinois would be top 5 JUST for the week, a celebratory ranking. I dont see the momentum carrying them further than 19 though

UCon- loss of 13 spots. WOW, and they lost to a solid Cinci team. Not sure I can agree with this one

Michigan could have been the greatest comeback story in sports history, but when your minus Chris Penne and Mike Hart its kinda tough. Im glad you kept them top 25, That freshman qb for Michigan gave them hope for the next 3 years

FSU- Ponder played exeptional for his first collegate appearance. He is a true freshman to boot. He proved that you can not discount Texas highschool football. Hell, Texas High can prolly beat most of the teams on this top 25 list. We have Maryland next week, God I hope we win this one!!!!!

Shane Rollins said...

Uh, USC is number 11 BCS Standings and AP sparky

SayHey Kid said...

Ah, I thought they got booted.

disingenuous said...

sayhey kid: "Michigan could have been the greatest comeback story in sports history..."

like seriously wtf?

Greatest in sports history?