Monday, November 19, 2007

NCAA Football Top 25 Nov 19

The week has come and gone and we've lost two of our contenders. My best friend Dock's prediction of a Oklahoma and Oregon National Title game was killed in one weekend, my condolences. I know everyone talks conference strength, but look at it. ACC, Big Ten and SEC only have one team in the top team each. Big 12 and Pac 10 have 2.

1. Kansas Jayhawks (1)-This Saturday is the big game, my number one versus my number two, the winner goes to the Big 12 Title game where they will likely face either Oklahoma or Texas, depending on who can win their game and if OU loses. Either way, Jaba the Mangi has his team undefeated.
2. Missouri Tigers (4)-I bumped them above LSU because they weren't the team that played close with Ole Miss. The Mizz went out, took care of business, and won their game, period. Chase Daniels will be with Spiller as Heisman candidates next season.
3. LSU Tigers (3)-If somehow LSU and Ohio St play for the national title game, I may not watch. It will be played between two teams who in my mind are definitely not the best two teams in the nation.
4. Arizona St Sun Devils (6)-Arizona St, the team everyone has forgotten about in the National Title picture. All they need to do this week is knock off USC and beat arch rival Arizona, no big task...right.
5. Ohio St Buckeyes (7)-They beat Michigan 14-3 in may have been the ugliest Ohio St Michigan game I've ever seen. Neither team looked very good, definitely not national title material.Sadly somehow they could still make it into the game if enough teams lose.
6. West Virginia Mountaineers (8)-They have a bumpy road, but like Ohio St, if they win out they could be playing for the National Title. I don't know what it is this year, but obviously the football gods demand a playoff system.
7. Virginia Tech Hookies (9)-A solid win this week against the Hurricanes. Their big test comes this week against in state rival Virginia. Honestly, I don't know if the Hookies can contain Virginia's defense. Chris Long will eat them alive.
8. Texas Longhorns (10)-After that two week spat of forgetting who they were, the Longhorns have fought hard and have won out. Now they have A&M, knowing that if they win and Oklahoma loses they're in the Big 12 title game. In the past that shoe has been reversed, perhaps Colt McCoy can remember who the hell he is.
9. Georgia Bulldogs (11)-I thought Kentucky was gonna shock the world again, but that Bulldog running back is the real deal. He's doing things that no Georgia running back has done since Hershall Walker, he's that kind of special. Though I don't know if he has any interest bobsledding.
10. USC Trojans (12)-A span of losses could, theoretically, put USC in the title game. It would take Atlas moving the world, but theoretically it could happen. Will it happen, I give it a .00983% chance of happening.
11. Oklahoma Sooners (5)-They lost their starting QB, at the end of the game on their onside kick attempt they may have lost their star running back. Things are not looking pretty in Norman right now as apparently Adrian Peterson has infected his alma mater.
12. Oregon Ducks (2)-They may very well continue to slide down this ranking now that Dennis Dixon is done for the season and Jonathon Stewart won't be 100% either. The Brother of Leaf may be able to get them one more win, but magic 8 ball says all signs point to no.
13. Hawaii Warriors (13)-I still contend, especially in this year's uncanny season, that if Hawaii goes undefeated that they deserve to play in the National Title game. If not, at least put them up against West Virginia to see the biggest offensive showcase since the Navy North Texas game.
14. Boston College Eagles (14)-They did what no one in my Pick Em thought possible, they beat Clemson. They came from behind and shocked us all, but they managed to pull it off. They can get a BCS bowl game with an ACC Title win, not to bad for a first year head coach.
15. Boise St Broncos (15)-Either way it plays out, I won't be surprised to see the WAC Champion in a BCS Bowl Game. Hell, I'd love to see them in there again and watch them beat another big name school. After that perhaps the WAC will get some bloody respect huh?
16. Virginia Cavaliers (17)-They could really boost their rankings, and get them in position to play in a BCS game if they can beat VA Tech and win the ACC Title game. I think the defense is there to do it, the offense just needs to stop making so many mistakes and turnovers.
17. Illinois Fighting Illini (19)-I jumped Illinois over Florida because frankly they've impressed me more these last few weeks. That and I can't stand the Gators and I get a cruel irony that Zook showed them up and showed that even Illinois can beat Ohio St.
18. Florida Gators (18)-So Tim Teabow became the first Division IA quarterback to throw for twenty touchdowns and run for twenty touchdowns. Guess what folks, want to know how to beat Florida? Key on Tim Teabow, and someone hit him. I'm talking Ronnie Lott, Rodney Harrison type of hit.
19. UConn Huskies (23)-A tough fought victory this week, and a big one coming up against West Virginia. I personally would love to see UConn beat West Virginia, all that does is take the Mountaineers out and helps the Longhorns get back into the thick of things.
20. Wisconsin Badgers (24)-They moved up four spots, but that is because of the teams that lost below them. Playing a game that close against a very bad Minnesota team is almost inexcusable. But they won, that's the important.
21. Tennessee Volunteers (22)-They have a big game against Kentucky this week. I don't know, I want to route for Kentucky, but that hasn't helped them win lately. I think I'm gonna go with the Volunteers just knowing my luck this season and hope they lose cause of it.
22. BYU Cougars (N/R)-The BYU Cougars have only lost two games, I have to put them into the top 25. The one two loss team that no one is talking about, and I've seen portions of their games, this team can be deadly at times. I likely expect them to upset some bigger named team in their Bowl Game.
23. Clemson Tigers (16)-You have to finish the game Clemson and not let the Eagles come back if you want to be considered and talked about as one of the big name title contenders. That's been the MO of Clemson for years now, so should we be at all surprised?
24. Texas Tech Red Raiders (N/R)-I'd like to thank the Red Raiders for being the team that finally followed through with my upset prediction. Now if Oklahoma St can follow suit, I can soundly sleep knowing that Texas is in the Big 12 title game.
25. Troy Trojans (N/R)-I thought long and hard about who to put as the number 25 teams. In the end so many teams were of similar records, similar talent, but Troy was a step above. They only have three losses, and have beaten Oklahoma St this season. They managed to put up decent points against SEC foes, so why not. Congrats Troy, you've made the top 25, be proud.

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SayHey Kid said...

Going against every bit of grain with Kansas at 1. Cant argue tho, they are undefeated and in the big 12.

LSU- Gawd someone needs to beat them again. They have no business being here, in my mind at least

OSU- Well, they ensured a 1 loss season. Thank you Illinois for doing Michigans job. At least we got a resignation out of Anne Arbor

WVU- Refer to LSU. They have no business being here. In college you need to win and win big. WVU barely wins a game. I speak for everyone i talk to, if they are in the BCS champ game, then i am swearing off the BCS forever.

Tech- Never trailed in that game. Manhandled Miami. A win over UVA could put them in the top 5

Texas- Alittle biased here arent we =)

Oregan- Truely a heartbreaking run they had. Even a 12 ranking may be abit high. With the loss of Stewart, they are a dead duck. Ha pun

BCU- Finally a win, they have a tough matchup coming up to.

UVA- To hard to hate this team right now. They make winning look easy. Tech will be a problem though. Tech needs a healthy Tyrod. I dont think Glennon can do it alone

Illinois- No complaints, hell you can have them 1 and id be happy. They made many o' NCAA fans happy last week

Florida- Yeh, he has another 2 years. The SEC should recruit soley on beating Tebow.

BYU- The Mormons may proclaim you the next Brigham Young for your donation to them. I cant imagine them in the top 25.

Clemson- Im happy they are still on your board. They had a tough loss, no reason to wipe them off completely

FSU- WE WON!!!!!