Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 11

I don't know if we've seen this many close games in one week in a very long time. Two long time rivals both had overtime games, one lost to a team they had no business losing to the other getting into overtime was a feat in itself. It's the second half of the season and things are gonna start to get batshit crazy, but that's why we love the NFL no?

1. New England Patriots (1)-I was asked three separate times last night, by my father, uncle and Dock, if I thought the Patriots were going to reach perfection. My response was the same for all three, as of right now I would be shocked if they didn't do it. I know people laugh it off that we may be seeing the best ever, but watching their games, I don't know how you can laugh it off.
2. Dallas Cowboys (2)-I watched the Cowboys and Redskins game and it wasn't as close as the score indicated. I thought Dallas was able to score on a whim against Washington and they began conservative calling to lessen the chance of turnovers, which is smart when you're Wade Phillips and not folks believe in you.
3. Green Bay Packers (3)-As smart as Wade Phillips has been, I just don't see why people think Dallas is head and shoulders above everyone else. Personally I think Green Bay is the team to beat in the NFC, and that was before they found a running game in the form of Ryan Grant. Hey, something had to go right at least once this season for Notre Dame.
4. Indianapolis Colts (5)-Look at this list of folks who are on the IR for Indy. Freeney, McFarland, Morris. Three of their defensive starters, add into that Marvin Harrison and the HUGE question mark there, it's amazing that this team is winning. I don't think it's Peyton Manning as much as it is Tony Dungy being a bloody genius.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars (6)-This team is finally starting to take on the personality of their coach as they went into a game against the Chargers and just slapped them like they were their own personal prison bitch. That block my favorite lil pudgy player, MJD, put on Shawn Merriman was nothing short of amazing. I haven't seen someone crumple so quickly since the first UFC card.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (4)-Do you know what Arizona, Denver and the J-E-T-S have in common? They all managed to sneak a win out of the visiting Steelers. Sorry to say this Pittsburgh, but these Steelers are homers. Without a doubt they don't seem to be The Road Warriors of the past, a fact my father still won't accept.
7. New York Giants (8)-They barely managed to beat a Lions team who appears to be regressing. They play Minnesota at home this week, but this very well could be the week that Eli and the Giants begin to their free fall that in the AFC would keep them out of the playoffs, but in the NFC they still could make it.
8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9)-That was an impressive outing by the Buccs wasn't it? Yes, they played the Falcons, but an impressive win is an impressive win. I'm officially naming them my dark horse candidate from the NFC as Jon Gruden is a good enough coach to know how to handle the playoffs and Cowboys and Packers.
9. Cleveland Browns (10)-For the first time since we came back, everyone is talking about the Cleveland Browns this week. All the people in Baltimore can shut up already, the right call was made. Didn't your mother ever teach you to watch both refs under the field goal to see if they both say no good? Never the less, our defense showed up for one half, which is progress. Losing Eric Wright though did not help.
10. Tennessee Titans (7)-The Titans are another one of those teams that appear to be regressing, and fairly quickly. True the Titans don't have any wide receiving threats on offense, but one defensive player said it best this week. When asked how do they plan their gameplan against Vince Young he replied, "We make Vince Young be a quarterback".
11. Seattle Seahawks (14)-Do I believe the Seahawks are the number 11th best team in the NFL, no. But they are leading the NFC West, but the Cards are coming in quiclkly and are hungry for what Seattle has had the last few years. Morris seems to be doing a fine job taking over for Alexander, but this team is getting older and they have an apparently healthy Rams team to play this week.
12. Arizona Cardinals (17)-Antrel Rolle had the biggest game of his career this weekend. He absolutely demolished the Bengals with those interception returns for a touchdown. Kurt Warner has found the Fountain of Life, and it's somewhere in Arizona, don't let Vinny Testerverde know.
13. Denver Broncos (18)-The Broncos seem to have come alive once they realized that the AFC West championship is withing their grasp. Then again, I don't even think the Raiders are out of contention right now for the AFC West crown, which no one really saw coming this season.
14. Houston Texans (19)-Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub apparently are healthy again, and had a great game together this week. Great, well they're coming up to the cold and the Dawg Pound this week, let's see how much they like getting hit in the cold weather.
15. Detroit Lions (11)-It almost saddens me to see this team beginning to regress into those teams we've seen the last few years. They have something like 7 yards rushing...total...the last TWO games. My condolences go out to all Kevin Jones owners, though if you get high points for throwing yards, Jon Kitna owners have to be loving it.
16. San Diego Chargers (12)-Will the real San Diego Chargers please stand up? Phillip Rivers, I wonder if you wish that Drew Brees was still in town so the fire that is on you right now wasn't burning so hot? Ted Cottrell, one of the most overrated defensive coordinators of all time, is a big reason this team is losing.
17. Buffalo Bills (13)-Not the best showing on Sunday night against the Bills, but they did manage to have a big play against the Bills for a touchdown. This was all without Marshawn Lynch as well, who may become as beloved as Thurman Thomas was in Upstate New York. I will say this one more time so it sinks in, Marv Levy is a football GOD.
18. Washington Redskins (15)-I know I'm gonna get hate for this ranking, with Skins fans crying over the fact that the game was close. No it wasn't folks, the Cowboys were Iceman that day and you couldn't cover TO with a blanket. Joe Gibbs looks like an Alzheimer's patient on the sidelines and Lil Danny Boy has to be fuming that he cannot fire one of his childhood idols.
19. Philadelphia Eagles (20)-Don't look now, but the Philadelphia Eagles have managed to sneak to a 5-5 record and are tied for third place in the NFC East. Of course that means they're tied for last place, but who's really paying attention right? Oddly enough, they're one of the few teams who have a better road record this year. Donovan though got hurt on Sunday, which won't help his chances this weekend against the Patriots.
20. Kansas City Chiefs (21)-You had it KC, you had the Colts in your grasp and they slipped away. Herm Edwards has to be commended for the coaching job he has done in Kansas City this year. He doesn't have many weapons, especially on offense, but he's finding ways to win none the less.
21. New Orleans Saints (16)-Much like the San Diego Chargers no one seems to know what to make of this team. Perhaps it's the lack of Deuce, or the "specialty" player that Reggie Bush is looking more and more alike (think Desmond Howard). I think the offense can get back on track, but they need the defense to stop someone on occasion as well.
22. Minnesota Vikings (23)-Chester Taylor I think proved that it was more then just Adrian Peterson, Minnesota has to have on of the best offensive lines in the NFL. We knew they had Pro Bowlers in Matt Birk and Steve Hutchinson, I just didn't know they would elevate the play of the linemen around them. Now if only Santa Clause would bring them a quarterback...
23. Cincinnati Bengals (22)-
24. New York Jets (30)-I would like to personally thank the New York J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! for beating the Steelers this week. They began the avalanche which I hope will lead to losses to at lest the Patriots and Jaguars enabling us to win the AFC North, so long as we win out. This was a huge part of our master plan to get a home playoff game, which will help us move on at least one round.
25. Chicago Bears (25)-The Bears have become the ultimate Road Warrior team this season. Three of their four wins have come on the road. Just as stunning though, Soldier Field has not been a kind place, where they have only won once. Wasn't that place used to be a bastion of pain and torment for other teams?
26. Carolina Panthers (24)-Have you ever seen a chicken run around with its head cut off? I know it's an old saying, but have you actually ever seen it? I have, benefit of grandparents with a ranch type deal, and the Panthers right now really resemble that chicken. Well, except for the lack of blood but the motions when the Panthers are on offense are pretty much the same.
27. St Louis Rams (29)-The Rams are healthy, for now, on offense and they are beginning to play the way some folks expected them to play at the beginning of the season. They can really make the NFC West interesting by beating the Seahawks this weekend, it's still anyones (but the Niners) conference to win.
28. Baltimore Ravens (26)-I know, I know, it's unfair to move them all the way back to 28. Perhaps I'm quitting on them like they quit on that game and in their arrogance left the field while the refs were still discussing things. You didn't show up until the fourth quarter, and in the end Kyle Boller playing his best NFL quarter ever wasn't enough to win you that game. Oh, and Joshua Cribbs made you his personal bitch.
29. Oakland Raiders (27)-Mark your calendars, word has it that this experiment of Daunte and Josh will be over the first week in December when Lane Kiffin will start JaMarcus Russell, at home, against the Denver Broncos. Good idea, get him used to the AFC West's worst pass rush and breed that hatred quickly.
30. Atlanta Falcons (28)-I wonder who's idea it was to start Byron Leftowich over a resurgent Joey Harrington? Judging by history I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the ownership made that call, and it hasn't been the first time they've overruled the coach. It's a big reason they're in the state they are and have been a coaching carousel since their trip to the Super Bowl.
31. San Francisco 49ers (31)-Well, they at least kept it close and were on a winning drive at the end of the game, that's progress right? Well, it was progress I suppose for this season. Ironic that a team that used to have a plethora of offensive weapons only has two right now.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-Another week, and another game that the Dolphins kept the hope alive for a perfect season. Come on, anyone who knows those 72 Dolphins would love to see the sweet irony which would be the Patriots breaking their record, while the Dolphins set their own.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

How much do you think every team on the Pats' schedule hates Eric Mangini right now? The Belichick Destruct-O-Thon, rolling through an NFL team near you. December 16th will be Armageddon.

Still, the last six games include some tough ones against the Steelers and Giants. Those ought to be tough games, especially against the Steelers if it's snowing in Foxboro.

The best part: possible top-three pick because of the Niners deal. Awesome.

SayHey Kid said...

Yeh Yeh screw off DC&H. We muffed that one up pretty badly

Cant argue with your top 5, but steelers at 4??? They lost 3 games to 3 teams who have sub .500 records. Not sure i agree with this one

Giants- I cant wait for the fist fight between Kitna and Strahan to come up. Kitna has a special connection with God, so he may have the upper hand

How to the Bucs keep on winning??? Who needs a 1st and 2nd string RB? Graham does it all

Browns- No mention of that 100 yard int for a td?? For shame!!Lewis looked good and gave Baltimore the symobilic middle finger.

Titans- Big MNF loss and they still hail on the top 10. Yikes!! You must have alot of respect for Denver.

Denver- WOW

Texans- Finally we see what Schaub can do with his number 1. This kid is downright nasty!! Shocked you dont have them in front of Denver here.

Detroit- I really hope they reach the 10 win "promise".

Chargers- Fuck em, they gave me 1 fantasy point.....thanks for nothing!!

Bills- That touchdown from Losman to Parish was beautiful though. They managed 10, thats not to shabby!

Eagles- Yeh, even with McNabb healthy i doubt they stand much of a chance next week. Westbrook was on fire Sunday though. Could be the ace in the hole.

Vikings- Chester Taylor is doing just fine for Purple Jesus. Its a shame they beat the Raiders, only gave them 1 spot!

JETS- Silenced all of the Steeler message boards. I was wondering why my broadband was fast yesterday. Clemens could be the real deal

Niners- I cant explain it either. The D looked good though. Seems the Darrell Jackson experiment was a waste of time and a 3rd round pick. We should have gone after MOSS!!! Damn

Dolphins- The only reason they score is through Ginn. Shame half of his TD's are called back for holding

Dews said...

Just a quick mention about the Skins though, they did do a damn good job mixing up coverages early in the game.

TO didn't come alive until later, but the Skins were also without Taylor and Smoot...

I mean, it helped my fantasy team to have London Fletcher back there (which shocked the hell outta me) backin folks up, but anytime you have a linebacker dropping back to help with someone like TO, yer screwed.