Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

What an amazing week, one in where we saw one game had two HUGE records broken (Vikings vs Chargers) and another that was basically billed the real Super Bowl. This marked the halfway point for all teams and we may have seen what lies in store for the rest of the season...which may not be pretty for all teams, and yes I'm thinking about Say Hey when I type this.

1. New England Patriots (1)-Well, that big hump has come and gone and the Patriots are the sole remaining undefeated. They almost didn't have it there, of course the NFL referees did everything in their power to prevent them from winning. I mean that was some of the worst officiating that I have ever seen.
2. Indianapolis Colts (2)-They did their part and showed that the Patriots are human and can bleed, but they also showed that you CAN get pressure on Peyton Manning and cause him to make mistakes at critical moments. Don't think for one moment that every other team in the NFL wasn't noticing that.
3. Dallas Cowboys (3)-A solid pounding of Philadelphia that may have been the nail in Andy Reid's coffin. I mean, we saw Brad freaking Johnson before that game was over and it was over early. We know they can dominate the NFC, save for maybe the Packers, but I don't know how they're gonna fair against the AFC.
4. Green Bay Packers (4)-I honestly had Pittsburgh moving up into this spot when I first made this list after they demolished the Ravens last night. The Packers didn't look that great against the Chiefs, but they won and that's the important stat so they get a reprieve this week.
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5)-Jesus Mary and Joseph did they abuse the Ravens last night. The Ravens are lucky Big Ben went out when he did or that score could of resembled the Pats Skins game from a few weeks back. When you let Big Ben throw five in one half against you, your mighty defense is struggling. Harrison, the outside linebacker for the Steelers, was a man possessed last night.
6. Tennessee Titans (6)-Another week, another ugly win, but a win none the less. I have to say, and it's not just because of Vince Young, but I'm beginning to love this team. They play smash mouth hard nose football that I haven't seen since the 80s and warms a special place in my heart.
7. Detroit Lions (9)-I cannot tell you the kind of joy and just pure rapture that I had watching THE Detroit Lions absolutely demolish and embarrass the Denver Broncos 44-7. Shaun Rogers returned a ball for a touchdown to make it my second favorite game of the day. Of course any day when the Broncos are humiliated is a great day for me.
8. New York Giants (8)-Ah, the bye week for the Giants. It just prolongs Tom Coughlin's eventual breakdown of his football team. Of course it may not happen this week as they play the Raiders, but you never know, the Raiders could shock everyone and start the avalanche.
9. Cleveland Browns (11)-Top ten baby, ain't it exciting? Hell, it's exciting just to think that if we do just as well as we did the first half of the season we'll have a ten win season and have a good chance for the playoffs. Steelers this week, and I have a brand new jersey coming in just for this occasion.
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12)-You can definitely tell this team has the personality of their coach, Jon Gruden. They are scrappers, fighters, who will claw your eyes out if they get the chance. I like the way they're playing and I honestly believe they could be the sleeper team in the NFC Playoffs if no one pays attention.
11. Jacksonville Jaguars (7)-A tough week for the Jaguars, they played a Saints team that appears to have found their mojo once again. They're ranked two above the Saints, but that may only last this week since the Saints may be playing the second or third best football out of any team in the NFL right. The Jaguars though have found a diamond in the rough in this Gray kid, he can throw the ball fairly well. Maurice Jones-Drew is becoming one of my favorite players quickly.
12. Washington Redskins (14)-They're honestly lucky to be ranked this high and it has more to do with their record then with how good they actually are. You go to overtime with the Jets? A team that was actually beating you for the majority of the game? This is a very overrated team, a team with gallons of talent, but no TEAM cohesion. That alone is shocking to me since Joe Gibbs' teams were always a group, not individuals, but that's what this team looks like to me.
13. New Orleans Saints (23)-The light you see at the end of the tunnel in the NFC isn't the playoffs, it's the Saints locomotive that is going to be charging through and destroying everything along its path. Drew Brees and Reggie Bush are playing to their capabilities again, which is not good news for the rest of the NFC.
14. Buffalo Bills (16)-God bless Marv Levy, he has brought this team back and given them that Buffalo Bills attitude from the early 90s. A great running back, a pounding defense, a scrappy qb, and a few sure handed receivers, it seems to be starting up again in Buffalo. I can't lie, I've always liked and respected the Bills and I love seeing them doing well again after so long of being so close.
15. Houston Texans (21)-Sage Rosenfels, from Iowa St, is looking more and more like a real deal quarterback that I'm guessing the Panthers wouldn't mind having at this point. That's an impressive Raiders defense that he torched on Sunday, and he's making Houston not miss Schaub so much, which is always appreciated from your second string QB. Funny how both Patrick Ramsey and Sage Rosenfels played this weekend, good job Skins.
16. Carolina Panthers (13)-Ah, the roller coaster of the Panthers' season continues on. Sorry David Carr I think I'm gonna have to get off you and your golves' bus and admit that you're not going to admit to much as an NFL QB, it's been a fun ride, but time for Vinny. This team has the tools, but is anyone gonna tell them how to operate?
17. San Diego Chargers (10)-We all were deceived, we thought they were back to their old form, but we forgot two things. Denver got lucky against Pittsburgh and aren't as good as we were lead to believe. Second, that this team is coached by Norv Turner and we all should have known better then to actually believe that he can be a successful head coach in the NFL.
18. Kansas City Chiefs (15)-Damn, Herm Edwards, you do know how to make a defense play to the best of their ability. This team may actually worry me if they hadn't lost Al Saunders in the offseason. What they need now is a dynamic offensive coordinator to transform that offense, and maybe an actual starting QB. Damon Huard you better play your ass off this week while Brady is on bye, that's all I'm saying.
19. Seattle Seahawks (17)-They fought valiantly, but in the end you couldn't get it done against us, I bet you're missing Mack Strong and Shaun Alexander right now. What? Shaun Alexander did play on Sunday? I must have missed him cause I sure didn't see 30 touchdown Shaun Alexander anywhere, and that pretty much sums up the Seahawks this year.
20. Minnesota Vikings (28)-I can't believe I'm about to type this, but I have to. I am a believer in Purple Jesus...until he gets hurt. Someone asked a great question on Sunday, do the Vikings have it in the contract of Adrian Peterson that he isn't allowed to flip into the end zone? If they don't, they need to add that just in case the next time they sign him to a contract.
21. Arizona Cardinals (19)-Wonder what is wrong with the Cardinals this season? I see more of Matt Leinart on commercials then I do on the field. That right there is what is wrong with the Cardinals. I know Kurt Warner is trying to squeeze out everything he can for this team, but he only is allowed so much energy for his life, who we all know is a salt sucking alien from the Star Trek episode, The Man Trap.
22. Denver Broncos (18)-So, Rat Shannanhan, what's your plans now? You have no offensive line this year, your running backs appear to take two weeks off at a time, and now you're stuck with Patrick Ramsey at quarterback. Champ Bailey is your defense now that John Lynch is hurt, but hey you'll have a high draft pick to waste on Maurice Clarett won't you? I love you all getting destroyed, it warms the cockles of my heart.
23. Philadelphia Eagles (20)-I'm sorry Eagles fans, but it is time to let go of Andy Reid. The man isn't a very good father apparently, he can't keep his home in order, how can he be a head coach? There are two sons of Buddy Ryan out there who are going to make fabulous head coaches, I suggest picking one of them up and bringing back that style of Eagles football.
24. Cincinnati Bengals (24)-My thoughts and what not go out to Chad Johnson to a speedy recovery. I'm one of the few hardcore football fans who love the antics and youthfulness that Chad Johnson brings to the NFL. He loves playing this game, and the only trouble he gets in is for his touchdown celebrations, and I don't want to see him leave. He brings the fun back into the game that some folks have let slip out, we need more fun in the No Fun League.
25. Baltimore Ravens (22)-So, Baltimore, have you checked yourselves in to the Rape Crisis Center this morning or was it just another Monday night for you? I am salivating at the thought of playing that secondary right now. They have safeties, but those backup corners are the dribbling shits and Derek Anderson is gonna go The Accused against them in two weeks in Baltimore. I may not go to that game in person, I've never wanted to see someone abused in public.
26. Chicago Bears (26)-A bye week for the Bears, they don't move. Perhaps Lovie Smith has taken this week off to realize he needs to say fuck it, put in Kyle Orton, and have his defense win games. Of course I think they still have to play against Purple Jesus one more time this year, but in this year's NFC, they're still not out of the hunt yet.
27. Oakland Raiders (27)-I have one question for Lane Kiffkin and the Oakland Raiders, what are you waiting for?Daunte Culpepper is crap, and Josh isn't any better. Why is JaMarcus Russell sitting on the sidelines when he gives you the best opportunity to win? You do realize your owner is Al Davis who is not known for having the patience of Job.
28. New York Jets (29)-Manjackass almost pulled it off this week, he almost had the tiger by its tail and smacked it on the back of its head. Then you let the tiger go and it unleashed Clinton Portis on you. But hey, you ALMOST won a game, you haven't been able to say that for a few weeks now. Plus you woke up and started Kellen Clemens, there may be hope to win five games this year yet.
29. Atlanta Falcons (30)-I don't know how you did it, but you were able to get Joey Harrington to play like an actual NFL quarterback and won a game, though I don't know if that's wise. The farther down the draft board you go the harder it's gonna be for Bobby Petrino to draft his quarterback. Then again, no one seems to be talking Brian Brohm as the person the Falcons should take, maybe he can slip to the Falcons in the second round?
30. San Francisco 49ers (25)-Someone said something that may explain a great deal about the fall of the Niners, Alex Smith seems to be regressing. Interesting, maybe this means Mike Nolan will lose his job, if that is true, then the Browns can sign him as their defensive coordinator. Wow, now all of a sudden I'm excited for this bad Niners season.
31. St Louis Rams (31)-The bye week for the Rams give them a well needed rest so that they can lick their wounds. Of course it isn't good news that they have lost Leonard Little for the rest of the season, but it could heal up Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger and give them enough fire power to at least win a game or two before the season is over.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-A bye week for the Dolphins, though I honestly don't know what they could have used it for. Perhaps to plan their New Years Eve parties which will consist of setting an NFL record for futility and getting as LT once told us, totally trashed.


SayHey Kid said...

Cannot argue with your top 5, not at all.

I could make an argument as to why Detroit should be 6. They win, its pretty, and its by a large point differential. But I know your partial to Vince Young.

I never thought i would agree with a Browns top 10. But ya gave up 30 to Seattle. Tsk Tsk Tsk!!!! Ram Ball seems to be working out, but Pittsburgh dont play that.

I cant fault Jacksonville that much, NO is playing as if its 2006 all over again.

Buffalo did good drafting Lynch, or who I like to call, baby Peterson

Seems like Washington should have given Sage another year to prove himself, instead of giving Ramsey and Brunnel extra tries at QB. Yet again, Washington proves that Karma does indeed exist.

Is it me or do we all REALLY want Vinny to get Comeback player of the year??? WTG VINNNNNEY!!!

KC may want to enjoy the top 20, coz they may lose it as quickly as they got it. KC without Johnson is like SD without LT. Good thing they have a Priest in their back pocket.

Minnesota should be top 20 simply because AP is "a RB ive never seen before"- Emmitt Smith. That kid is making Brooks Bollinger look like Trent Dilfer. Yeh, I went there

Arizon is as good as we think. I dont understand either why they cant win the close ones.

SayHey *Waves goodbye to coach Shanahan" as he proves once again that he cannot win without Elway, HELL, without Plummer. Least Plummer got him into the playoffs. Is it me, or did we all know Ramsey is a worthless QB??

Eagles should be ashammed of themselves. Got your asses kicked on primetime TV. Reid should do all of Philly a favor and tend to his family. He is taking Eagle-land down with him

Jets deserve the move up even with the loss. They made Gibbs crap his depends! Kellen Clemons is looking more and more like a poor mans Romo. WTG kiddo!

Falcons?? Falcons?? How the HELL did they beat us???? I mean, How the Hell did this happen??

*bows his head in shame* Man, im done defending these guys. My niners are underachieving. They have the talent but they lack the drive. Nolan wont lose his job. He is LOVED in Niner land. He wont get fired over 1 horrendous year. He still has time to rebound. At least we put up 20 without Gore.

TheNaturalMevs said...

I still don't like DA.

Also I don't think the Giants will collapse this season. Then they can blame it on cancerous tiki