Friday, November 16, 2007

Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated...

Ahh, finally have access to a machine with internet access!

My journey through DC has been fraught with many perils, but I have survived "The Hill" complete with savage Whale monsters and am currently avoiding catastrophe amongst the Mole People of Crystal City...

Anyway, I have been away from news of most any sort (except political, you cannot escape it on the Hill), so I shall have to do a quick rundown of the events most troubling to me.

Quite honestly one of the funnier moments to me was sitting in a Bank of America watching our president say how he is going to fix delays at airports... If you haven't heard of of this, here's a snippet:

Declaring that "business as usual is not good enough for American
travelers," Bush announced at the White House a series of detailed technical
steps to reduce air traffic congestion and long delays that have left passengers
stranded and turned holiday travel into "a season of dread for too many

Honestly I'm glad he has so much free time to think this stuff up. We have apparently hit the pinnacle of efficiency in every other aspect of our lives and how we go about business (especially foreign policy and military management). All Hail that who has allowed us to reach the zenith of our potential, President George Dubya Bush.

In more important news, the woman that was told by Southwest that she needed to change, has of course been punished in the most American way possible. She was asked to pose for Playboy for an undisclosed sum. Poor girl...

Thankfully things are getting a bit dirtier on the GOP side though to take some attention off of Option 1 Clinton and Option 2 Obama. There are targeted campaigns of phone banks telling people throughout New Hampshire and Iowa all kinds of wonderful anti-mormon things and of COURSE all camps are denying any involvement here.

Residents in New Hampshire and Iowa have received phone calls raising questions about Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, his Mormon faith and the Vietnam War-era military deferments he received while serving as a missionary in France.

(Always nice to see the "Good ole boys" play nice nice)

Oh yea, and in minor news, a whole buncha people died overseas from some weather thingie...

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