Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vermont Catamounts Update

So the greatest team in college men's basketball went 2-0 in the exhibition season. Beating up on Concordia (they may be Canadian but they beat Illinois) and St. Mikes (they just suck).

The Cats start the regular season Friday against George Mason in what promises to be an epic battle between mid-major powerhouses! The Cats follow up that game against Virginia on Sunday.

Here's a good VIDEO preview.

The coaches picked the Cats 3rd in the conference but what do they know?

Mike Trimboli (Pre-Season All-Conference selection) and Marqus Blakely will be two of the best players in the conference and should be able to lead this team to a successful season.


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, as a VCU aluni, I need to keep an eye out on the CAA. George Mason is a great team (and very young) but I know Vermont can beat em!!

Preston said...

A better season preview: