Monday, December 3, 2007

Always turn off your phone before going to court

Thanks to SayHey for this one. A judge in New York State, Robert Restaino, jailed his entire courtroom because no one was willing fess up to their ringing cell phone. Of the 46 people jailed, 14 couldn't make the $1500 bail the judge ordered, and were taken to prison. Apparently, after this judge came to his sense, he ordered everyone out of jail. Pure insanity.
First, I'd like say that nearly every judge I've met has been a truly cool, interesting, and warm person. I think it's a prerequisite for the job honestly. If a person doesn't have the patience to work long hours, work with attorneys who are at each others' throats, and maintain the appearence of justice, why nominate them to the bench?
Second, and I have to reiterate, this is nuts. Judges do have the ability to maintain order in their courtroom, and that's what the contempt power is for, but indiscriminately throwing an entire room full of people in jail violates even the most basic concepts of due process in my eyes. Besides, it's just a dick thing to do. Good thing this guy is going to be removed.


Dews said...

yea, I could almost see having a really really bad day and pulling something like this...

Don't think you can really take many days off as a judge I imagine?

SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, either he caught his wife in bed with another man or he really needs a vacation!