Friday, December 14, 2007

Good People Drink Good Beer

I just received the following email from Flying Dog Brewery, my favorite brewery, created in part by LSWTF idol and GOD Hunter S Thompson.
As some of you may have heard, Flying Dog Brewery announced on Tuesday that we are embarking on the next step in our illustrious, 17 year history of crafting remarkable beer by concentrating all of our brewing and production to the brewery in Frederick, MD, where 70% of Flying Dog Beer is already being brewed. This move will take place in January and we are working to ensure that our entire production team will be able to make this move over to Maryland. Accounting, sales, marketing and other administrative functions will remain largely unaffected by this change and our HQ will remain in Denver.
My beer will be closer in my last final months, will become more readily available, and I may even be able to get it at more bars then just RFD.

If you have not had a Flying Dog, I highly encourage you give it a shot. They have a wide variety, and you can even look on the bottle to see the type of beer that particular bottle is be it darker, lighter, hoppy, or malty. Needless to say that Dews and I will attempt to be apart of the inaugural Brewery tour when it opens in Fredrick, Maryland (if they have one) and will give you an exclusive reporting of it.

This is better news then Roger Clemens being linked to steroids.


Dews said...

This is wonderful news!

Though I will say, I'm more partial to Blue Moon now (when I drink beer that is), but this one is growing on me....

Shane Rollins said...

That is only because it is football season and it has become our drink of choice this season. Plus we can't get Flying Dog as readily as we can Blue Moon

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Delicious. Been drinking Flying Dog for years, but it's hard to find up here in the frozen North.

Shane Rollins said...

Once they open up in Maryland, perhaps it will become more readily available, just another reason to move to DC.