Friday, January 18, 2008

2009 NFL Mock Draft v.2

There has been a great deal of request to update the 2009 mock draft with the information that has come about in recent weeks about who is entering the draft and who is finishing up their senior seasons. The draft order is organized chaos, teams drawn at random and then placed in order in that group of five on how I think they will fair next season.

1. Atlanta Falcons-CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson
Not the biggest back out there, but neither is Warrick Dunn. He has patience for holes to open up, and then has amazing explosiveness through the holes. This is about the time you need to draft a running back to replace the aging Dunn. He also pass protects and catches ball above the average of most running backs at this stage of their careers.
2. Kansas City Chiefs-Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri
This kid proved this year that he knows how to win ball games, so don't be shocked if Missouri is in the national title talk right up there until the end. The Brodie Croyle experiment will likely falter once again next year prompting the Chiefs to take a local kid who can motivate the fan base once again.
3. Miami Dolphins-James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio St
Bill Parcells lucks out and is able to put the Road Warrior behind Glenn Dorsey and really turn that defense into something fierce. If they are able to get Zach Thomas to rework his contract, he could be LOD's mentor his first few years which gives the Dolphins a huge jump on their competitors.
4. Seattle Seahawks-Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
The Seahawks have been without a major receiving threat pretty much since the day Steve Largent retired from the NFL and became a politician. Hasselback still has a few more years left in his tank, so why not give him an exciting wide receiver for his final run in the NFL.
5. Detroit Lions-Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St
Oddly enough I had the Lions taking Jenkins in this year's draft before he stayed in school. I think they need to continue to work on that secondary, and defense in general, if they want to help out their offense. Jenkins is a superb cornerback and should be an All-Pro for the next decade baring injury.
6. Buffalo Bills-Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
Of all the players in next year's draft, I think Rey is the surest to be a star in the NFL. I think he will take up the mantle that Junior Seau will leave when he retires and become the premier Samoan Trojan linebacker in the NFL. Lofa is good, very good, I think Rey is going to be better.
7. Chicago Bears-Eric VandenHeuvel, OT, Wisconsin
I, and many others, believe that the Bears will begin this year (2008) rebuilding their aging offensive line. They will likely take an offensive tackle in the first round in 2008 so taking his partner on the other side of the line in 2009 I think is a very wise move by this storied franchise.
8. Baltimore Ravens-Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
The day the Ravens don't think defense first is the day I about shit myself. Yeah they hire offensive coaches and what not, but defense is what drives this franchise. Tyson Jackson should fit in very well with this defense, maybe even surpass some of the great players they've had in the past.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Myron Rolle, S, Florida State
They still should be thinking defense come this time next year as the 2008 draft isn't going to fill all of their problems that they have on defense. Rolle is a phenomenal player who can give them a firm presence in the middle of their secondary. Plus he's a Seminole so he naturally fits in with their criminal mentality.
10. New Orleans Saints-Darry Beckwith, OLB, LSU
Much like the Bengals, the Saints have the offense but their defense couldn't stop a seven man high school football team. Beckwith is a local kid and they like to keep those kids around the organization. I don't think he's good enough to be a number ten, and he's likely a bust, but he's from LSU so he'll get plenty of press.
11. San Francisco 49ers-Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
Two wide receivers in the first round two years in a row, I wonder where their weakness lies. If they do end up with Doucet this year, Heyward-Bey is 6'2 and runs a 40 in the 4.3-4.4 range which could give the Niners that fast deep threat they've been needing for the last five years.
12. Oakland Raiders-Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
It may seem early for Coffman, but I envision him having a stellar 2008 campaign for Missouri. The Raiders are coached by Lane Kiffin, whose style of offense needs a solid receiving tight end, which I don't really see the Raiders having right now. Coffman is a perfect dump off for JaMarcus Russell, with sure hands and guaranteed to get yardage.
13. St Louis Rams-Nate Allen, S, South Florida
The Rams need to work on their defense, then again they've been needing to work on their defense since 2001. Nate Allen is a multi-talented safety who was a high school quarterback, so he reads plays fairly well. He won't be an All-Pro, but he'll give you solid play.
14. Houston Texans-Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
Cushing has played defensive end, has moved back to outside linebacker and just continues to make plays. Those are the type of defensive players the Texans have been drafting the last three years. Much like Ryans, he is all over the field making tackles, making things happen, and elevates that defense to another level all together.
15. Minnesota Vikings-Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
They are damn near to being a "complete" team of young players, but what they need on that offensive line is a big body to protect, move holes, and allow the playmakers do what they do best. Andre Smith is a great kid who loves tradition and should fit in well with the Vikings.
16. Tennessee Titans-Demonte' Bolden, DT, Tennessee
Something tells me one of the only ways they'll be able to keep Albert Haynesworth is with the Franchise tag this year. Eventually he's gonna get his way and leave Nashville, Bolden is a local kid who is one of those players that will excel or just implode in the NFL.
17. Denver Broncos-Jarrett Dillard, WR, Rice
Everyone was talking about Dillard this time last year like they're talking about Michael Crabtree right now. Dillard's Rice team though had a horrible year and everyone forgot about Dillard. I think that has more to do with him staying in college, cause right now he's slipping pretty far in the 2008 draft.
18. New York Jets-George Selvie, DE, South Florida
A bit on the small side for the type of defensive end the Jets are looking for with their 3-4. He either bulks up in the NFL or they move him to outside linebacker. The kid is a tremendous football player, with a great sense of how to play the game, a kid that Eric Mangini appreciates and needs on his football team.
19. Arizona Cardinals-Taylor Mays, S, USC
Out of all the safeties that will be drafted in the first round in 2009, Taylor Mays probably has the best chance to become something special. He's a tall, physical safety who runs in the 4.4s and should fit in well with that Wisenhunt team.
20. Carolina Panthers-Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
Now this may depend on who is the coach at the time in Carolina. If they're drafting at 20 they probably missed the playoffs, again, and the ownership may give up John Fox in faovr of nearby Bill Cowher. If it is Cowher, he likes having talented tight ends for his quarterbacks.
21. Philadelphia Eagles-Reshard Langford, CB/FS, Vanderbilt
A good sized corner at 6'2" 225lbs, Langford could really boost his draft status with a superb 2008 season. He has decent speed and may be missed by some teams radar by playing for Vanderbilt. He can play both safety and corner I think and his versatility would be a great addition to the Eagles.
22. Pittsburgh Steelers-Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma
Until Faneca leaves, and the 2008 draft, I just know that someone will eventually have to replace him. They don't need anything special on defense at this point in the draft, so they take an offensive lineman who would be their highest rated player still on the board.
23. Washington Redskins-Jeffrey Fitzgerald, DE/OLB, Virginia
A great sized kid for playing either defensive end or outside linebacker in the NFL. I think he's more suited for a 3-4 defense, but he's a local kid. Greg Williams could use him like the weapon he currently doesn't have on the Redskins. He has the talent to achieve great things in the NFL, the question always is, will he.
24. Jacksonville Jaguars-Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
He was youngest semi-finalist for the Jim Thorpe award and is probably on the short list to win it during the 2008 season. He has the kind of motor that Jack Del Rio seems to look for in his players, that never say die attitude. A great fit for the Jaguars, especially playing the Colts twice a year.
25. Dallas Cowboys-Nic Harris, S, Oklahoma
I shouldn't laugh if the Cowboys are still having secondary woes at this time next year. Regardless, this is probably the highest rated defensive player on my board at this point, and Wade Phillips is a defensive minded coach. The real question is, will Jerry Jones go along with this pick.
26. Cleveland Browns-Maurice Evans, DE/OLB, Penn State
A great sized player for the 3-4, Evans runs somewhere in the 4.6-4.7 range. About this time Willie McGinnest would likely be announcing his retirement so the Browns need to find a replacement for Willie at outside linebacker. The best stat for him though is his leading the nation in tackle for loss this past season.
27. New York Giants-Jeremy Perry, G, Oregon State
A damn solid offensive lineman, Perry can come in and fit in the Giants offensive scheme, and they need him badly. We've seen this offseason how banged up the Giants offensive line is, and that is a natural occurrence when age begins to creep into that position.
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss
An All-SEC defensive end his sophmore year, Hardy should be a first round pick if he can keep up his production. His height is a great asset, and if he puts on some more pounds in the NFL he could really help solidifying the Buccaneer defensive line for the years to come.
29. San Diego Chargers-Herman Johnson, G, LSU
The kid is a walking bulldozer. He's 6'7" 360lbs, and if you saw the National Title Game he is Louisiana's largest baby ever born. A gentle giant if there ever was one, the Chargers would likely never have to worry about a pass rush up the middle as it takes three days just to get around Herman Johnson.
30. Green Bay Packers-Fili Moala, DT, USC
This is likely way to low for Moala. His size alone will probably make him a top ten draft pick. This monster is 6'5" 300lbs and has the strength of an ox. If the Packers managed to end up with this Samoan Machine, their linebacking corps would have a field day with other teams.
31. Indianapolis Colts-Sen' Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn
Just imagine, this kid is 6'1", 290lbs, and runs under 5.0. That is just ridiculous the amount of speed this kid can reach. His athletic ability is off the charts, and seems to have a knack of blocking field goals. The Colts would have to snatch this kid up before the Patriots got their hands on him.

32. New England Patriots-Greg Middleton, DE, Indiana
This year's national sack leader will likely see some productivity drop off now that teams now about him. He has great size for the Patriots defense as he can probably play defensive end or outside linebacker. The versatility is something the Patriots love, of course his pass rushing ability doesn't hurt either.


SayHey Kid said...

A fine FSU Cheap shot, ya dickweed

If Daniels can repeat his 2007 season, he could be one hell of an NFL QB

Cuz said...

picks 31 and 32 are both afc teams. Pick 32 goes to the super bowl winner. Pick 31 goes the super bowl loser. Thus this is not possible.

Phil said...

Chase Daniel number 2? not a chance that a 6'0" 220 pound QB is drafted at number 2. Good chance he won't even measure in at 6'0". C.J. Spiller number 1? He doesn't even start on his team. With the signing of Michael Turner in ATL I doubt they'd take a RB.

DrewBrees9 said...

phil your stupid you don't always have to be tall to be a good nfl qb plus chase has deadly accurate arm. but you are probally right that hes only 5'11. and cj spiller and james davis share the starting role there co starters.