Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's like Thetans and Engrams and then Lord Xenu comes in and goes BAM!

Yes, Tom Cruise is being crazy again and nobody can stop him (K.O.' s take is here And now he is taking Will Smith down with him.

I understand that you have to have designer dogs and clothes and such but the designer religion that says if you pay us hundreds of thousands of dollars we can make sure the Lord Xenu and his crew won't affect your life is just over the line. Of course maybe they could fix the train wreck that is the Spears family.

Of course the Scientologist are all over Youtube taking down all of the links due to copyright (or Crazyright) but you can still find it because the wonderful people at Youtube put it up faster than they can take it down.

So the next time you fly on a DC-8 be careful because maybe, just maybe Lord Xenu will be at the controls. Or worse yet Cruise may be at the controls which if you find the video be sure to watch the maniacal laugher towards the end. I don't know what drugs induce that or what secret level you have to reach but Tom has totally mastered the creepy laugh.


SayHey Kid said...

I think this is the site your referring to

I was just reading an article on this video. He is absolutly nuts. Apparently he and "SPs" save lives and not paramedics, doctors, and nurse. What a assbag!!

Dews said...

Welcome aboard SA!

Glad to have another like-minded soul to go with the others! :)

Speculation Amok said...

Yeah the part about, when you pass an accident it's not like others because you know you are the only one who can do anything to help...

You can do what anybody else does Tom, it's 3 little numbers called 9-1-1 and if you come across my accident just dial and keep on keeping on because I'll stick with paramedics and the Jaws of Life and not your OT level thanks.

SayHey Kid said...

Exactly. I dont need someone to put the power of a comic book vilain in me.

Side note: his stepford wife's new movie got awful reviews. Where is your Xenu now!!!