Saturday, January 19, 2008

Capitol Hill Samurai?

Ok first off I made a promise to Dews that I would start writing blogs on the weekend since the only time people seem to find to write these blogs are when they are supposed to be working.. :)

I was looking around on drudge for something interesting and I found this story about a man carrying a loaded shotgun near the Capitol. Normally I would have just read the story and not commented on it but apparently the man was also carrying a Samurai sword..

The man was arrested obviously.. but what was he intending to do with the sword? I don't think the police are going to pull at swords and have an epic battle with this man.. Anyways from now on I'll be writing on the weekends for everyone so hopefully something more interesting comes up.. That is all


SayHey Kid said...

Yeh, people get arrested on the Hill daily, but never by way of the sword. Truely a unique way to piss of Capitol Police

If I was just one story up in my building, I could have seen it all go down...G-Damn TSA!!

Dews said...

Best part is this was literally right next to my place... We have nothing BUT crazies in my neighborhood...