Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Greatest Show on Grass?

I couldnt think of a more appropriate headline here, but I think you all are now aware of the new Niner Offensive Coordinator situation, that being the hiring of Mike Martz. At first, I was horrified even with the rumors regarding Mike Martz and his baggage and even more distraught when I learned of his hiring this morning. As any reasonable Niner fan, I did my research.

First, Jim Hostler was absolute crap. A brain dead cracked out sloth could run a better offense. Why we took him from SD is beyond me. Second, the Norv Turner experiment worked. Mike Martz is a veteran coach who can run an offense and run it well. As we all witnessed, Norv Turner ran our offense brilliantly in 2006 with a less tools in the shed. Third, who else are we gonna hire, "kissy lips" Brian Billick?? Chan Galey?? Cam Cameron?? Of course not. Thats ludicrous and irresponsible. Fourth, when he was coach of the Rams, his team consistently killed us. So why not pull a Bill Bellicek and hire the guy who burns ya?? It makes sense. And finally, there is history between Mike Nolan and Mike Martz. They were coaches in Washington a decade ago.

Martz convinced Niner brass that he can restore this team to past glory and the more I read about this, the more convinced I become. But only time will tell. We do need some coaching veteranship for 2008 and not "The next NFL Brainchild", since it looks as if Mike Singletary will FINALLY become a Head Coach in the NFL next season. Hence, a new Defensive Coordinator.


Shane Rollins said...

True, but the Lions had more weapons on their offense and didn't amount to dick...

SayHey Kid said...

That may have been the problem. Im hoping that he is more humble of a coach and not as arogant this time around.