Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Over the weekend I hatched a zany idea upon the LSWTF crew. I envisioned a tournament of sorts, one that would pit all time greats against each other for the right of The Prize after The Gathering, since there can be only one. Therefore we have determined to have a series of tournaments comprising of baseball, football and basketball to see who can build the greatest all-time greats team.

Initially the roster was only going to be 30, but we knew that there was likely to be injuries and as such the rosters blossomed to 55 players. The draft, over email, took three days. What I bring to you now is the top ten selections, as well as some selections that may shock you at what place they took.

1. SayHeyKid-Joe Montana, QB
No shock here as SHK is a major Niner fan, though I suppose it could have been Rice who was selected. This pick though was about as shocking as a Florida State football player being busted in just about anything.

2. ShaneRollins-Jim Brown, RB
The greatest running back of all time was taken with the number two selection by myself, knowing full well that I intend to run right up their collective asses with Jim Brown.

3. SandFleas-Jerry Rice, WR
A bit surprising as Fleas is a die-hard San Diego SUPER Charger, and if you don't believe me believe that he played that damn song every time they scored on Sunday.

4. Dews- Barry Sanders, RB
Being the Redskin faithful he is we almost expected another play for Deon Sanders, but they're still paying his salary so why bother.

5. Dews-Steve Young, QB
In Dews defense he's more of a baseball guy then a football guy. Which became evident when he basically just went to the hall of fame page and started naming guys off in alphabetical order.

6. SandFleas-Ladanian Tomlinson, RB
Now this is more what we were expecting from SandFleas, a good faithful Charger pick, which is almost insulting to other all time greats.

7. ShaneRollins-Deacon Jones, DE
Before there was Shaft or Sapp, there was Deacon Jones, who should be recognized as the greatest pass rusher of all time. He's gonna make Steve Young and Joe Montana his very own prison bitches.

8. SayHeyKid-Walter Payton, RB
Of the four, SHK knows a great deal about football, almost as much as I do. This is a great pick, one I would have made myself, if I already didn't have Payton's father.

9. SayHeyKid-Anthony Munoz, OT
Arguably the greatest offensive tackle this game has ever seen I think I need to call this a need pick. With Deacon Jones ready do Joe Montana like King Kong Bundy did to SD Jones at Wrestlemania, was there another option?

10. ShaneRollins-Ronnie Lott, S
Ronnie Lott was my favorite player growing up and very well may still be my favorite player of all time. Let me just say this, I have Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum, is anyone throwing over the middle on me?

11. SandFleas-Emmitt Smith, RB
So he has LT and now he has a Cowboy. My only real question here is whom do you believe is going to be pounding the ball?

12. Dews-Rod Woodson, CB/S
I was a bit shocked by this, but his very next pick was Darrell Green so it made more sense. A good solid cornerback base, which won't help against Jim Brown.

So I'm sure plenty of you will disagree with these selections, especially the number they come in as. So to catch you up, here are a few more of each person's star player, where they drafted them, and what star they were able to get late in the draft.

17. Randy Moss 25. Howie Long 49. Ray Nitschke 103. Earl Campbell 167. John Stallworth

14. Tom Brady 27. Deon Sanders 62. Bronco Nagurski 97. John Elway 140. Devin Hester

20. Lawrence Taylor 37. John Riggins 52. Ray Lewis 107. OJ Simpson 216. Andre Reed

Shane Rollins
18. Johnny Unitas 26. Bo Jackson 58. Jack Lambert 101. Fred Bilentikoff 182. Eric Dickerson


Dews said...

ok, my reasoning for Steve Young was his 1994 season which is still a record for highest passing rating for a season (112.8), and that he is a highly mobile QB and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to draft an acceptable Offensive line to protect a Dan Marino type...

SayHey Kid said...

I know, to many Niner greats to choose from. I did do the honorable thing and drafted a couple of Hogs for you, Dews........Even tho they were late round picks, VERY LATE round picks.

Jimmie Perkins said...

I think it needs to be noted that I drafted the entire original SDSC offense in the late rounds. The same offense Bill Vader said made him hate our sacred song.

SayHey Kid said...

True, and i dont think you had the luxery of having much internet options during the draft. You drafted well........Not as well as lets say, ME.