Friday, January 25, 2008

Life On Mars? Or Just Another Conspiracy?

I heard about this on the radio yesterday morning but completely forgot to do any research on this. Thank you MSNBC for reminding me. 2 months ago, NASA's super-rover Spirit beamed over a picture that seems to contain a humanoid of some sort. Its kinda obvious that it is a man-beast-thing but thats what people thought when pictures of "The Face" were released back in the 70's. The figure, dubbed "Mermaid on Mars" kinda looks like Bigfoot but could easily be confused at a rock formation. "Based on analysis of the stereo imagery, the best explanation is that the feature was indeed sculpted - not by a Martian hand, but by the Martian wind".

No doubt, this image will heat up that conspiracy theory pot beyond a boil. What are your thoughts?

Side Note- The image above is the only one i could find.


Shane Rollins said...

No wonder no one can find bigfoot, his winter home is on Mars

SayHey Kid said...

Xenu must really exist!! Or at least his spaceshit