Thursday, January 24, 2008

Myspace... pwned!

(Picture courtesy of Corey)
Had to drop the pwned reference here, where else could I use it?

A supposed 17gb file (thats 17 thousand megabytes, or 17 billion bytes, or a little over 4 blank "regular" DVD-R's or about 27 blank CD's) that is currently being hosted on an active torrent, reports to contain all the images contained on private profiles up until last friday (when the situation was apparently fixed).

The creator of the file says he compiled the photos earlier this month using the MySpace security hole that Wired News reported on last week.

That hole, still unacknowledged by the News Corporation-owned site, allowed voyeurs to peek inside the photo galleries of some MySpace users who had set their profiles to "private," despite MySpace's assurances that such images could only be seen by people on a user's friends' list.

Thankfully besides a picture of me wearing a tiara and one in a wifebeater (that our very own RestonLoverBoy seems a bit too leary in...), I'm in the clear!

Will be funny to see what comes out of this and you can guarantee that yours truly may happen to "stumble" upon this torrent very soon...

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