Friday, January 11, 2008

Power Rankings- Pre Season MLB

Looks like the 2008 wheeling-and-dealing has begun. I have seen some fairly decent action in the past week. Nothing impact but some teams could see a shift up and down; and a gleam of hope may reign down onto Shane, for Im starting to see why Billy Beane is the man genius. As per usual, Dews wont be happy but could feel some satisfaction with my PR. Remember, its referred to as a rebuilding year when you trade your best players, not a rebuilding decade.

1 (1). Boston Red Sox- No Jim Rice HOF for Bean Town but Red Sox nation needs to live in the now. You have 2 first ballot HOFers in David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. And if Josh Beckett keeps doing what he is doing, he will be in as well. Im taking a huge risk by saying this, but Jacoby Ellsbury?? Yes, I think this kid has all the tools in the shed. You guys have ALOT to be proud and hopeful for.

2 (2) Detroit Tigers- Still the best pound for pound lineup in baseball.

3 (3) New York Yankees- Well, looks like those Santana rumors are nothing more than a fart in the wind now. You did manage to sign Jason Lane which gives you additional OF talent.

4.(4) LA Dodgers- When are you going to promote Justin Orenduff??? Yes, another badass VCU Ram alumni!!

5 (5) Chicago Cubs- Still not sure why you traded Angel Pagan. You still have a solid OF but where is the depth??

6 (7) San Diego Padres- No action this week?? Well, even God took a day off.

7 (6) LA Angels- Nothing new. I still think this team is lacking depth.

8 (8) Cleveland Indians- I still think this team needs a reliable 3rd SP. I dont see Paul Byrd putting up 2007 stats.

9 (9) Arizona Diamondbacks- The only thing that this team has thats frightful is pitching. They dont have much "umph" in their lineup which could be a liability in the long run.

10 (10) Colorado Rockies- I should be a GM in MLB. They took my advice and signed Marcus Giles. He had a bad year, it happens! He could be a shocker bargain in 2008.

11 (11) Minnesota Twins- You still have Santana AND you gave Hank the cold shoulder. I could cry!!

12 (13) Houston Astros- Does management know something that I dont?? Perhaps, maybe they dont need quality pitching. They are in the NL Central. Who needs pitching?

14 (13) New York Mets- Trading for Pagan was necessary. This team has 3 quality OF's (Even though Shane would say 2 since he hates "Moist Hands" Alou). This move gives them added depth in the OF. Well done.

14 (13) Philadelphia Philly’s- If only Utley and Howard could pitch. They need some reliable starters. Yes, Hamels is awesome, but he missed a month last year. Im sorry, Myers is not a #2 nor Moyer a #3.

15 (15) Milwaukee Brewers- I still believe the addition of Jason Kendell will give this team and extra 15 wins. Not for his hitting, but for his game management. He knows how to get every ounce from his starters. Just look at what Oakland did last year. Not to shabby.

16 (16) Chicago Whitesox- Every article I have read regarding the Swisher trade says the same thing: The Whitesox are a playoff contender. And I agree.

17 (17) Tampa Bay Rays- They picked up the Cardinals #4 OF in John Rodriguez. Ive seen him play and he has loads of talent. The Rays continue to enforce my sleeper pick prediction.

18 (18) Washington Nationals- There are high hopes in Washington. They may not make the playoffs but I guarantee they will prevent other teams from going either in 2008.They knocked out the Mets in 2007. Who will they shoot in the heart this season?

19 (19) Seattle Mariners- Those Erik Bedard rumors are spreading like herpes at the Jenna Jamison household. Think about it, Felix Rodriguez and Erik Bedard?? 2 of the top lefties in all of baseball!! WOW, make this happen Mariners and you may snag a top 10 PR.

20 (20) Atlanta Braves- Someone put a small mirror under Bobby Cox's nose. Do you see fog? Is he alive?? I dont know what this team is doing but its not helping.

21 (21) Toronto Blue jays- They have loads of talent as it is. Maybe they dont need to make a big splash this off-season.

22 (22) San Francisco Giants- Aaron Rowand guaranteed that the Giants will compete in 2007. I like that attitude and I am a believer this year. Unlike the Orioles guarantee of last place and liking it.

23 (23) Cincinnati Reds- They have the talent to dethrone the Cubs this season. Hell, im a believer. Lets just keep Dunns K's under 200 this season.

24 (24) St Louis Cardinals- They must still be drunk with champagne after that dynamite Matt Clement deal. Xrist you guys, Pujols and Duncan cant plate ever AB for ya.

25 (27) Oakland A's- Yes they get the bump and Ill tell you why. I think I cracked the Da Beane Code. The A's just gave Justin Duershresheshre (Duchscherer) a 1 year deal. Many forget that he began his career as a Starter and descended to the bullpen in his second year. Many more forget that he was a pretty damn good starter at that. For the sake of Oak-town, I hope he gets placed back in the rotation. He could easily give this team 12-15 wins, if he stays healthy of course. He does have the Albert Belle hip problem. Now back to that lineup......

26 (25) Pittsburgh Pirates- I REALLY want them to compete and it looks like they are getting there. They are stockpiling their minor leagues with MLB experience young'sters. Dessen's was a good pickup as well.

27 (26) Texas Rangers- I guess you dont need pitching in Texas. I guess everything really is bigger in Texas; this includes ERA and opposing teams batting average.

28 (28) Kansas City Royals- Treat the Royals like a newborn baby. Baby Steps. And thats what they are doing. One day they will graduate to stumbling.

29 (30) Baltimore Orioles- They didnt do jack in the past week but the combination of Dews and MoDews convinced me they are only the 2nd worst team in baseball. My apologies go out to Nick Markakis, yes, you are not the AL version of Adam Dunn, but you are certainly not the second coming of Gary Sizemore either. Maybe a raw version Mark Texiera?? Mr. "Skin-peeling of your bones" Angelos- Do B-Town a favor, keep Brian Roberts and offer Erik Bedard a long term deal.

30 (29) Florida Marlins- Easy come easy go. The youth movement looks good on paper but so did the Mets and Cubs clubs last season. They have alot of question marks. In 3 years they could be back in the World Series, and of course in 4 years back to last place.


Dews said...

David Ortiz is NOT a first balloter!

We're gonna hear the same crap about him as we have about Rice, guaranteed...

Ramirez, yea definitely...

SayHey Kid said...

Damn Dews, am I gonna have to defend DC&H's Red Sox here?? He hit how many game ending HR's in his career?? And Thats just a start. He is such an amazing talent is makes me puke. But he could pull a Jim Rice and fade away. We are 15 years to early debate this one.

No O's love Dews?

Dews said...

O's will be a far better team for the long haul if they can dead Bedard to the Mariners for Adam Jones, Sherill, Marrow and the 17 year old SS wiz whose name escapes me, then deal Roberts for the likes of Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher and Ronny Cedeno to the Cubs.

They gotta finally do a REAL dynamite of the team, instead of the half-ass attempts they've made in the past.

Also, Ortiz has a LOT of work to do even at age 32 to get HOF worthy..

Career Stats:
.289 BA 266 HR 1219 H 880 RBI 738R .942 OPS

SayHey Kid said...

Ortiz is 32 (As we discussed). If he continues to play as he is, he is a shoe in. However, the DH factor (As i know Shane will refer to) would hurt him

The catalyst of that Bedard scenario is Adam Jones and he would greatly improve the O's Outfield. But is it worth letting Bedard go? He is tp special of a player to discard. If he isnt happy, Make him happy!!!

Roberts is to good to let go as well. Im a HUGE Sean Marshall fan (Another VCU alumni) but he shouldnt be the centerpiece of that deal. O's fans deny all you want, but your talking about trading winners for "potential" players who are not considered "impact"

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Yeah, Ortiz is probably not a HOFer. If he hadn't had all those terrible years with the Twins, we'd be singing a different tune. I also don't think that he'll be around long enough to put up HOF numbers. He's pretty banged up.

SayHey Kid said...

Perhaps. But its to soon to shrug him off right now. And he did have a few good years with the Twins. May not have hit those HR's but he hit for average and extra bases.

Shane Rollins said...

The Mets do have 3 quality outfielders, but Rickey wants in the hall of fame so he can't play right now. As soon as Rickey's in, Rickey's gonna steal another base.

Yeah, Ortiz needs at least five more years of the production he has right now to become a hall of famer.

SayHey Kid said...

I agree Shane.......There is ALWAYS a Rickey factor in NY. This of course if Carlos Beltran would pull his head from his arse and listen to Rickey.