Monday, January 28, 2008

SayHeys Monday Blog-O-Fun!!

Yes, Alot of sports included in todays edition of BOF

Adam Jones was pulled out of Winterball over the weekend to take a physical. The Mariners wouldnt do that unless the Bedard-Jones and Prospects rumor wasnt a reality. O's fans: Careful what you wish for!!

Jack Cust, Dews favorite Athletic, denied any involvement in steroid use while a member of the Orioles in 2002. Now Jack Cust has always been a big guy and I didnt see any physical changes while pricing out my Jack Cust rookie cards.

Billy Beane denied any reports indicating that Oakland will push to sign Barry Bonds. My dream of Gonzo eating his words is all but gone. You win this round Dr G.

Cloverfield could become a true story!! Or at least the satellite falling from space part. I Hope it doesnt crash in the part of the Pacific Ocean where "The Bloop" occurred.

Rambo cracked IMDB's top 250 greatest movies of all time list. Now I LOVED the action in this movie; Blood and guts flying all over the place while Rambo spends 5 solid minutes firing a mounted 50 caliber machine gun; but it isnt exactly the Godfather either.

Ted Kennedy slaps Hillary Clinton in the face. Which would be the first time a Kennedy has ever slapped first

The OG, Brigham Youngs successor, "Weird People" Gordon Hinkley, has died


Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Hope he enjoys having tea with Xenu and the spirits at the big volcano in the sky.

Side note on Rambo, that had to be the most realistic violence and gore on screen...maybe ever, maybe even more then Saving Private Ryan.

SayHey Kid said...
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SayHey Kid said...

Ive read alot of reviews comparing the realism of the last 20 minutes of Rambo's to the Normandy Invasion in SPR.

And I couldnt agree more, when you get shot by a 50 Caliber; body parts will fly off and heads will pop like zits

Dews said...

That really was a great movie, I think...

On a side note, Jack "Born with a Bat in his Hands" Cust is totally clean. Larry Bigbie is apparently full of shit and said his locker was next to Cust's, which never happened in AAA.

SayHey Kid said...

I think Cust is clean also.......He has always been a power hitter, just never got a chance to play everyday until last year.

Bigbie is a shithead.

Rambo was a great "dude, blow some shit up" movie. But as of right now though, its ranked 195. Right above The Terminator and below 12 Monkeys