Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Working for Change in America with Ideas Not Rhetoric

The time has come to take the bull by the horns. Only one candidate has discussed how to work toward ending homelessness. Only one candidate has discussed the way to ensure that prescription drugs are affordable to everyone. Only one candidate has spoken about those who are forced to choose between lights and heat in the winter months because they can't pay both bills and feed their children before sending them off to school.

Americans deserve better and we have reached a point where we deserve a President who will ensure that no child goes hungry, no senior citizen freeze in a home with no heat because they are too proud to ask for help and their social security doesn't cover their medications and bills.

I'm tired of an America where adults act like children in a political game of gotcha and as Senator Edwards so aptly put it and Shane mentioned earlier "How is this helping get children insured?" We need a President who wakes up ever morning worrying about the Biblical "least of these brothers of mine" and not how to sully their political opponent.

Senator Edwards is a man of integrity and strength, some one who can make every American proud to be an American and hopefully can work to fix this rift that we have with the world and within America that has been caused by the Presidency of George Bush. I could list those initiatives that Senator Edwards has proposed but it is really best if you get it from the source. http://www.johnedwards.com/

And throw him a couple of bucks while you are there to show you are not buying the media's game that this race is over.

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