Friday, February 29, 2008

"The attempt to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful and then only for a short while."-Albert E

Apparently my services as head writer and editor of the DC Potomac Ghost Man on Third newsletter is no longer needed. Even though the GMOT was ranked as the second best GMOT in all of WAKA. I'm only putting it up here since I know a lot of the kickballers come here and read our blog, some because they love us dearly and others because they enjoyed the GMOT.

I find it funny that this was the new President who made this decision, though they still haven't told me which is even funnier. So I figured I'd give everyone this "exclusive" before you even begin to ask me about it. I also wouldn't be surprised if they try to replace me as DJ, which won't happen since they have zero control over that.

It's just funny to watch the way certain people change once they get a taste of power. Though it is being suggested that since a good portion of the new board aren't exactly big fans of mine this isn't solely on the shoulders of the President. I do and don't buy that. Sure there's probably a bit of that mixed in, but let's be honest the President hasn't exactly been my biggest fan and if he wanted me to still do it he would have. This is just a tiny power trip by his majesty, which is obvious since it is one of his own teammates who is allegedly taking over.

Since I'm not going to name names here, a kickball player who has heard of this by now responded as saying, " important it is to this fine individual (The President) to be as anal as possible, because this is the closest to real power he'll ever see, regardless if its just an elaborate kids game reinvented to encourage copious amount of drinking and hedonism." I can't stop laughing at this statement, because it's so damn true.

Kickball is a fun game, a child's game with drinking and hedonism like the above referenced said. I know we live in DC and some of us have lived here for WAY too long, but it is just sad how everything in ones life in this city becomes political and personal somehow. Now I'm not trying to make this sound childish and petty, it's not that at all. The problem I have is the way it was done. If said person had come to and simply said, "We want to go in a different direction." or, "You're moving and won't be here for the entire season so..." you know something, cause after all something is better then nothing.

I took over the GMOT half way through a season, and continued from there. I took it over because the previous person had become too busy and it wasn't being completed on time. The biggest complaint has always been that the board has zero control over what I say or do. It isn't going away because we're still going to get my column, it's going to be right here, every week. The majority of you who come here may not get, but certain visitors will. If people expect me to go quietly into the night, they must not know me.

It is funny, the Pirates were more or less formed by the folks who walked into DC Potomac and took it over in certain aspects. No, we weren't on the board as you would say, it was just a presence that was noticed. Did we ruffle some feathers, yeah we surely did. Did everyone hate us last year when we went undefeated and won the championship, without a doubt. At the same time, those are the people who are jealous when people take away their limelight. That's why they don't invite people back to their respective teams, because it takes focus away from them and they no longer have control. So they join the board in some fashion, so they can have some semblance of control.

I wish I could apologize for being an annoying lil prick, but I LOVE being me. I don't have to act like something else, like Popeye said, "I ams what I ams." I only have a short time frame this year in kickball due to the move to Texas, and as God as my witness I'm gonna be the worst I've ever been. I won't be happy this season unless I pull something like this off at some point in time.

The funny thing about it is, half the Potomac LOVES playing us, because we have a fun time playing each other and we love playing them. The other half despise us because we talk shit, play good kickball, and have fun; which of course is not allowed in this new kickball. That's ok though, they're all a bunch of dog fuckers and goat rapists anyways. Imagine Ric Flair circa 1986 mix in Deion Sanders and a dash Spider Jerusalem and you MIGHT be able to prepare for what DC Potomac is in store for this upcoming season.


Dews said...

Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to our very own "GMOT - LSWTF Style" :)

And the Pirates are a spin-off from the legendary HOES, just for the record :)

SayHey Kid said...

For the record- Paul R did nothing more than inform the outgoing GMOT editor about the boards decision. In no way did Paul R fuel the fire or encourage the "Wrath of Khan".

In fact, its a bit dissapointed that this decision was no conveyed to you at a sooner date.

Either way, Paul R has no choice but to take the high road on this one.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

It isn't a surprise though, the reigning "President" wants complete control under his office, much like another President. I have it that he didn't want help from a lot of folks, though mostly through non-communication.