Monday, February 11, 2008

Local Spy Sweep

The FBI and Defense Dept is announcing today that they have successfully caught two chinese-born nationals as well as a Pentagon Official engaging in espionage.

Gregg William Bergersen, 51, of Alexandria, was arrested at his home on espionage charges. Tai Shen Kuo, a Taiwan-born U.S. citizen, 58, and Yu Xin Kang, a Chinese national, 33, both of New Orleans, were arrested in New Orleans on charges of conspiracy to provide defense secrets to China.

Mr. Bergersen worked as a weapons system analyst for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, in Arlington, which is in charge of U.S. arms sales to foreign nations. He held a top-secret clearance. One official said the case involved the transfer of command, control, communications and intelligence equipment originally sold to Taiwan that was diverted to China.

Just in case you all weren't paying attention, on top of recession woes, incompetent leadership at the highest levels, a Vietnam-like "conflict", and no real hopeful solution to any of those problems in sight, China is STILL very much involved in screwing with us!

Say what you will, but I don't buy the constant phrases we hear from China regarding their "Defense only" military purchasing. Should just start learning Mandarin I guess.

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