Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prospects and Community Involvement

I have no idea why I titled this the way I did, it was just the first thing that came to mind. So it's been a slow week here on LSWTF, I don't know if it's holiday weekend hangover or if we have just covered everything there really is to cover so far in the month of February. I mean we are arguing over which cereal is better, that is how far we have fallen.

So this week I've been working toward CityCat's and my move to Houston, more specifically finding us a place to live. I believe I have done just that with Lofts at the Ballpark. The beautiful thing about this place is of course that it is literally a block away from Minute Maid Park, which I am sure will help everyone here come and visit us more often.

The location looks beautiful and it is next to Warehouse Live and Lucky's Pub as well as the ballpark so we shouldn't be too bored moving to Houston. The added bonus was what I just found as I was browsing various establishments within the city.

I came across Flying Saucer Draught Emporium which apparently CityCat has been to many times and approves whole heartedly at the awesomeness of said beer vendor. The pluses in my mind is that one, it looks like a higher end Dr Dremos, and two that it has Flying Dog on tap. Yes, I managed to find an actual bar that sells MY beer on tap, this is nothing short of Ah-Mazing. Lucky's looks awesome as well, but they will never EEEEEEEEEEVER be as awesome as the Flying Saucer until they get Flying Dog on tap as well.

I'm sure everyone else on the blog feels like I do, why isn't February over yet? It's the shortest month and yet it feels like it has been going on for ages now. It is literally sucking the life out of each and every one of us. The only one who seems to have life is CityCat, but that is only because she has defeated Lou and become a Rock God.

So if you haven't been keeping track, Obama continues to roll over Hilary who may get the nomination regardless because of the money that is behind her, and when I say money I mean super delegates who are whores and will take what they can get from her. Teams are beginning to franchise players, which has ruined any dream I had of Albert Haynesworth being a Brown next year. SayHey's teams continue their free fall of corruption, sad to think it all began with a video and a shopping trip. We draft our baseball teams Sunday night, be prepared for possibly a live blog of our draft since the majority of us will be at Petco Park East.


Dews said...

Can't really explain it, but I have been very good about killing brain cells and very bad about gaining sleep recently, so after doing a decent job at work I been without enough energy to throw into the very few things going on (with the exception of Mr. Castro obviously).

Just gonna have to adapt, because lord knows I'm not gonna get any more efficient any time soon :)

Dews said...

That place looks amazing by the way Jack...

Very jealous of the new digs!

SayHey Kid said...

For some reason ive been busy as hell this week. I havent even posted my VCU Rams update. Maybe tomorrow!

Yeh man, if you could score a loft across the street from MM park, then you sir, are one lucky mo-fo. Cabana boy/Astro bleacher bum.