Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vermont Catamounts Update


The Cats beat up on UNC-Wilmington Saturday, winning 84-73. Guess who was the star for UVM? Yup...Marqus Blakely. He ended with 19 points, 19 rebounds and 5 assists.

That performance and his unreal game against Hartford earned him the America East Player of the Week award as well as being named the Mid-major Baller of the Week

Freshman Joey Accaoui also stepped up against UNC-W hitting 3 of 4 three point shots and finishing with 13 points.

The victory is Vermont's first Bracketbuster win in the school's history.

Oh look...there's the backboard...maybe I should duck so as to not smash my forehead against it...


SayHey Kid said...

With the UNC-W loss, 1 more VCU ensures us the CAA crown. Thanks VT!

Steve said...

not to burst your bubble but...the UVM loss means nothing in the CAA standings.

Good luck to VCU though!

SayHey Kid said...

True, but just know you gained a fan outside of your conference.

Good luck with your Catamounts as well.

Steve said...

Sounds good. I've been a VCU fan since last year. Maynor is one hell of a player.

Hopefully your coach stays for a long time. Sounds like he's been looked at for some top positions though.