Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hell No We Won't Go

I found the fact that a bunch of anti-war protesters protested today outside the IRS Building here in DC amusing as hell. For one, the last time I checked the IRS had no direct connection to the running, planning and direction of said war. The IRS are basically thugs for the government who want your money, they don't control what it is spent on. So the notion to protest the war outside the IRS Building was deeply amusing to me. Secondly I find it highly entertaining because one of my roommates is an attorney for the IRS and I wonder if he got caught up in this ruckus.

Now I'm all for you all to protest, but if you're gonna do something do it right. These measley little protests here and there don't get people's attention. There are no fire hoses, no fires being set, no tea being thrown overboard, nothing NEWS worthy. You have to cause some kind of ruckus to get any coverage and then you polarize the nation. I'm not suggesting you do that, but that's how our forefathers protested and it got shit done. Though this quote is amusing to me
Berrigan said she was disappointed that antiwar protests have shrunk in size over the past five years, in contrast to the massive protests of the Vietnam War era.
Do you know why less and less people are protesting? I think a good portion has to do with the fact that the economy isn't as on solid ground as it was in the late 60s. People are being laid off left and right, people are struggling to survive financially, hell people are giving blow jobs for gas money now, though I suggest you don't partake.

I'm just saying folks have other things on their mind right now then the war. It's terrible and want our kids home. The problem is we see that, and it's in a far off land that we don't see every day. What we do see is not having enough money to pay rents, mortgages, electricity, water, gas, buy food and fuel our vehicles. This matters more to people, and sadly they can't protest about it because they're too busy trying to find a job.

It's time like this, knowing that Shrubya has spent an entire year on vacation so far during his term, that words like things ring so true.

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