Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some folks will never change

Half the Dodgers went to China for some exhibition games, including Joe Torre, which left the dugout unmaned for their American games. So who do the Dodgers call to fill in? Only one of the greatest managers and personalities of all time, Tommy Lasorda. What does Tommy do, at 80, and managing again? What Tommy does best, get ejected from the game.

I love this, when I read this story last night I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Makes me miss my childhood, you know when managers were something special? Think of it right now, can you name half the managers in MLB? Are the personalities like Sparky Anderson, Tommy Larsoda and so on? I miss those days, now we only have those type of personalities in the minor leagues where we have managers going ape shit and throwing bases around.


SayHey Kid said...

I loved watching the replay of this. Even tho Lasorda is a Dodger, my hat will always be tipped to him.

I just wish more managers would be this passionate and challenge an ump if they fuck up. No manager does that kind of stuff anymore. Well, 3 men do. 3 of the original 80's old schoolers: Bobby Cox, Sweet Lou Pinella, and Jim Leyland. No new bloods!

Dews said...

Earl Freakin Weaver man...

Greatest ever :)

SayHey Kid said...

No arguments over here man...Id rank em as so:

5) Bobby Cox- Never did anything crazy, just argued ALOT. That and he is the all time most ejected manager in MLB History

4) Lou Pinella- Man threw every base in just about every direction possible. And somehow managed to win a World Series in his lifetime

3) Larry Bowa- Not a great manager but he argued, even when he was obviously wrong. I think he got thrown out more times than Cox did in a given season

2) Tommy Lasorda- Face it, he was NEVER wrong when he argued. And it is oh so funny to see a fat man rant!

1) Earl Weaver- By far the most animated when he argued a call. That, and he was one of the OG's to argue a call. He invented the "belly bump" and the "dirt kicking" moves!