Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where in the world is...

...the LSWTF writers? I know I have an excuse, I've had nothing but work and wedding plans these last few days. I don't know what everyone else has as an excuse, but no doubt SayHey is hiding after Zito was beaten like Tina Turner and Lowry walked a single inning.

I know where Dews is, he's preparing (as we all are here at LSWTF) for the Finale of Project Runway tonight on Bravo. I find it amusing that SayHey, Dews and myself may be the only straight men who are not afraid to admit they watch the best reality show on television. Without it we may never have been able to understand what fierce and fabulous is, and we sure as hell wouldn't get our quote of tragic tranny ever week.

Last week we saw my post about my position of the GMOT and the "drama" that it was sure to create. I vented, and posting it was probably a mistake, but it at least got myself and the President talking and everything has been talked about and worked out between the two of us. There are no hard feelings, least on my part, and are working together to bring even better things to DC Potomac this season. It's refreshing to know that you can have disagreements with someone and be mature enough to sit down and work them out like civilized people.

I just heard that the Astros were LOADED WITH TALENT in the middle of their order, and on paper I can understand why they think that. The problem is is that Berkman, Lee and Tejada aren't the players they used to be. Plus ask the Yankees how well a team does by having plenty of hitting but zero pitching.

The A's have played well after the starters have left the field for both teams which leads me to believe that our prospects are able to beat every one else's prospects, and that gives me and the rest of Oakland fans hope for the future.

Listening to the Padres Giants game yesterday as I drove home alerted me to the fact that the Padres have a fucking monster on their team. Kyle Banks is 6'6" 270lbs first baseman. He's that huge and yesterday he drew a walk. Wow, how you don't get it into the strike zone of a sasquatch is beyond me.

Eugenio Velez and Emmanuel Burriss continue to impress me with their play this spring. They're both switch hitters who can also play second. Their defensive play so far has been phe-nominal.

On the A's side of things Jeff Baisley and Gregorio Petit have shown some promise and solid improvement. The A's during Spring Training have been showing more pop in their bats then I think folks are expecting.

Finally, so we don't leave Dews out, the Orioles are working on their own version of Brandon Inge. Mike Costanzo has been playing third, his usual position, and catcher as well. This is a smart move for a team filled with idiots. The kid shows some real promise and they're going to need his bat to infuse with that anemic offense.


SayHey Kid said...

This issue with Velez is that Kevin Frandsen will be replacing Durham, or at least thats the plan.

If anything, id like Frandsen to move to SS and Velez to play 2b. Burress has experience at 3b so if Scheirholtz (sp) sucks it up there, we could see Burris move in. But to be honest, Sabean wants to keep them in AA then move them to AAA come June. Sabean does have a knack of managing young talent well. He just trades them away before we can actually use em.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Will give you Brown and Sweeney for those young bucks lol

SayHey Kid said...

lmao im not impressed by Brown. Sweeney is still young enough to play good ball (that and gunned down someone at the plate for an OF assist yesterday). Dont take your eye of Sweeney just yet, he has alot left in his tank!

Dews said...

Costanzo is actually a really interesting guy on that team right now. Looks to have some nice pop in his bat and is genuinely excited it sounds everyday about just going out there and playing the game, regardless of where that position may be that day.

Don't have any idea why I've been neglecting my posts for the last 2 weeks, but that shall change once this crazy week is over!

Jack, Sabean loves him some backup catchers for great prospects... You got some you can ship his way for the next Nathan/Liriano/Bonsor?


SayHey Kid said...

HA thanks Dews, for pretty much repeating what I just said.

Dews said...

Really not happy with this big deal being made about Markakis though being "unhappy" with his deal...

Its not like the O's are doing anything different then anyone else, I don't understand where this came from

SayHey Kid said...

Well its the new trend. He needs to man up and earn his keep. Miguel Cabrera and Ryan Howard made pennies thier first 2-3 season. Once they play past 3 years, they are arbitration ready. Its baseballs only leverage over player salaries, and clearly defined in the CBA.

So to Nick Markakis, Cole Hammels, and the other 1 year guys......STFU and play baseball!!!