Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dews Thursday review

(Picture taken from Vermont, probably today)
I must again apologize for my absence from the blog, but my company's move will be officially OVER with after this weekend, freeing me up to finally contribute at my usual daily, or at least several times per week clip.

That being said, there have been some interesting developments throughout the political and economic stages globally that I've wanted to at least touch on.

Leading off, senior Obama advisers are apparently leaking information about HRC's (Hillary Clinton) intention of muscling her way into the ticket by way of a VP nod.

Now, two things immediately pop out to me regarding this story.

One, I doubt its even true. It just smacks of "false positive" type intelligence that is meant more to weaken what little back-alley methods HRC has left at her disposal to have a chance at the nomination (main selling point being she is more popular in the so called "battleground states"). I could totally be thinking too far into this, but if you are able to sink a candidate by hinting that they are essentially using you (the voter) as a pawn to gain their own spot on a ticket, then why not?

Two, it is far too late for this to happen. There has been far too much bloodshed on both sides for this to be a viable ticket (in my humble opinion) anymore. There may have been a chance about a month ago to reconcile the two sides and create what people were calling the "Dream Ticket" (yuck), but that ship has long since sailed.

Now, having talked with some of my former colleagues attached to both sides of this war, the overall feeling is that Clinton is not running for this election but instead to sink Obama's chances against McCain to arrive as the "savior" of the party in 2012 (which, coincidentally will be the second title year in a row for my Washington Redskins!). The death by a million cuts that Obama has received thus far are not going to help him going into what will already be a tough battle with McCain, so most people I've talked with have conceded they believe that has been Clinton's plan for at least the past month and a half.

Its politics as usual of course, which makes it dirty and fun :)

In unrelated news, I have finally discovered why Tuesdays are so difficult for me:

Being deprived of sleep even for one night makes the brain unstable and
prone to sudden shutdowns akin to a power failure - brief lapses that hover
between sleep and wakefulness, according to researchers.

I mean, its not like I didn't know it was unhealthy, but this is actually pretty interesting as to the actual reaction of the brain's functions too sleep deprivation.

And finally, I'm starting to have second thoughts about actually going home for my High school reunion in June with this little bit of info...

There's nothing like a little fresh snow and lots of old mud to liven up an
early summer hike.

Which is exactly what people are likely to find near the peaks of Vermont's higher mountains this Memorial Day weekend, due to the snowy winter and some fresh flurries this week.

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, 18 inches of snow remained on the ground near the top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak. The snow cover includes some of the 3.5 inches of fresh fluff that descended on the mountaintop Monday. More light snow is likely over northern Vermont summits today and Thursday, the National Weather Service in South Burlington said.

Seriously guys.... I'm really not getting all that excited for my first trip back in 5 months...


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

I'll have you know it was ABOVE freezing in Vermont today. I even wore shorts.

Dews said...

I don't believe it....

You're just trying to rationalize your staying there...