Friday, May 16, 2008

Frantic Friday Truthiness

I'm confused on this so maybe CityCat and Dewey can explain it to me. On the one hand if you don't have anything to get you in trouble on it, ok whatever, just another government power grab. The other issue becomes what is discussed, how do you protect your client's information from such a search?

A great post about misogny and sexism in regards to the treatment of Hillary Clinton during her campaign. This has been coming from all sides, but at least she will still get votes for the color of her skin, unlike some people.

Ah America, land of the free, where one can work, as long as one doesn't have a foreign sounding name. I'm guessing no English students like a John Smith or Harry Beckham would be denied.

If you don't speak English I don't suggest that you fly into Dulles any time soon. This is absolutely ridiculous and offensive that this man has been held, just for not speaking English. It shouldn't shock us too much, he flew into an airport that is in the state where the Confederacy had its capital.

For the first time in a long time Chris Matthews actually had some balls last night on Hardball. Finally, someone other then KO holding these talking point gasbags to flames and proving they have no clue in hell just what they're talking about; that they're repeating whatever they've been given.

The big talk thought has been about Bush's appeasement statement about Obama. Well, to quote Joe Biden on it, this is bullshit. Nancy Pelosi had some words as well.

California is thinking about a heavy tax on porn to help its budget shortfall. Great idea guys, have the porn industry then base itself out of Delaware, like every other corporation.

Finally, John Conyers is ready to throw down with Karl Rove if he doesn't show up to testify within a week. I imagine we'll see this for the rest of Bush's term, with the DoJ compliant with the administration. As soon as Obama becomes President, watch how all these pieces of shit run off to the best country they can find that has no extradition.


Dews said...

Something about the Pr0n industry basing itself outta Delaware seems really really wrong to me...

Just... Wrong...

SayHey Kid said...

I loved that Chris Matthews interview.

Neville Chamberlain was a terrible reference by Kevin "Huge jaw and small head" James.