Monday, May 19, 2008

Maniacal Monday Truthiness

Fun weekend was had, and before the rumors start, yes I was watching Lifetime Movie Network at 2 in the morning. Why, because they were showing Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story staring Helen Hunt and Dr. Fever. This is the same case that inspired To Die For, which gave us that scene of Nicole Kidman dancing in the rain, and the story itself has always fascinated me. The most fascinating thing was that it was made in 1991 and I realized that Helen Hunt hasn't changed her hair in twenty years.

Ollie North, spreading bullshit and nonsense and still not a day served behind bars, God Bless America.

Obama is rolling out a new initiative aimed at those Christians who don't drink the Kool Aid, you know those who keep their faith and religion personal not political.

Senator Joe Biden loves to point out that the actual "appeasers" are in fact the Secretaries of Defense and State. Of course this administration is listen to what we say not watch what we do.

I know there are old law on the books, but sometimes they can be very beneficial. I know if the Sergeant-At-Arms needs any assistance there are folks in the immediate hill area who would love to introduce Rove to his own Private Guantanamo.

I know the Middle East and the West have many differences, but paying for sex apparently isn't one of them.

Bush's torture policies, screwing up one case at a time. Got this nagging feeling they care more about convictions then actually getting the right people, call me crazy but it may just be possible.

This weekend was the anniversary of Galloway versus the US Senate. This is what I miss on the Hill, something we don't see, passion.

Just a reminder that, for Dubya, this is a crusade and that God is a two timing whore.

I just wish some of these riders in DC would be courageous as this Cowboy fan.

John McPOW's Karl Rove may be the next lobbyist type person to fall from his campaign. Didn't he get the memo that being surrounded by lobbyists doesn't help all your talk of being against them?

That complete waste of space, Hans von Spakovsky, has finally removed his name from the FEC chair nomination. Which of course is awesome, since putting him in charge would have been the same as putting a pedophile in charge of a day care center.

Waxman draws another line in the sand, has now drawn so many on the House Floor that it looks like this.

Though he is on the campaign trail, Obama still finds time to fight the good fight for veterans all over America.

I'm sorry for what happened to the child, but there is no reason to get all sue happy because of a freak accident.

Finally, speaking of baseball, here's something for those ladies out there in the audience.

That's right, Bob Uecker baby.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

No Giambi in a golden thong pictures for the ladies?

Something weird happens to ya when you play for the Yankees.

SayHey Kid said...

Oh, and Michelle Obama is Un-American. Or at least thats what the GOP has been bitching about lately