Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's Malignant Truthiness

Finals are over for CityCat, as we celebrate our one month anniversary by shipping her happy ass to Texas on Thursday to set up the Texas based Hall of Justice before my arrival. In other news Dews almost had his man-card removed when certain things were discovered camping this weekend, to rally from behind and come away with a win. It's raining today, allegedly all day, so no kickball for LSWTF, but still drinking with some of the biggest drunks in DC. After all, it is Cop Week here in the Nation's capital. Stayed tuned in the coming weeks for more information on my final What The Fuckers Nationals game and the first annual What The Fuckers Party at some currently unknown location in DC, onto the news!

Professor Picula of Ravenclaw performs a magic trick for his junior high class. This of course results in being accused of wizardry. No word yet on whether Hermione Granger or Merlin have taken up his case.

Carly Fiorina doesn't believe what economists say about recession. This be no shock to anyone who has payed attention the last ten years, these are the same geniuses who would rather believe the two scientists who don't believe in global warming over the millions who do.

Doug Goodyear, a porn name if I ever heard it, was selected by John McPOW to run the Republican Convention. Sadly Mr. Goodyear had to resign when it became apparent that he had ties to lobbying on the half of Myanmar. Yes, the man who is so anti-lobbyist he sleeps with them (allegedly) and hires them to run his party has another shot across this bow. Of course those crickets you hear chirping is the reaction from McPOW's best friends, the MSM.

In the world today it's nice to see Creekstone Farms a company that WANTS to do extra testing to make sure their beef is healthy. Naturally this has pissed off the bigger companies who have no gone to court to stop this company from doing the extra testing. Naturally you can guess who is on the side of the big business and trying to use their leverage and tell the courts what it should and shouldn't do.

I know our teachers are paid like babysitters on a Friday night, but at least they have not resorted to these methods.

The Valerie Plame case is still ongoing in a sense, and it still involves "missing" emails from the administration. Now someone is trying to educate the judge as to the bullshit many of us in the IT World have thought from the outset. Sadly the judge sees himself as "tech-savy", which means he's boughten some old porn on eBay and knows the basic usage of The Google on the Interwebz.

Here's a suggestion, if you're going to be juror in a drug case don't get doing said drug outside the courthouse while you're on break, they kind of frown on that.

Nothing frustrates Dews and myself more then folks who try to pass themselves off as Libertarian who are no where near it. Bob Barr, the walking hypocrisy, is attempting to become the Libertarian candidate for President. Needless to say, if he somehow achieves this Dews and I will be starting our own political party.

The hypocrisy of teacher and student sex continues, this time in Arizona. I'm a feminist in the sense that everything should be equal, including equal time for the same crime.

Obama prepares to embarrass the hell out of McPOW by holding joint town hall type of events. Who in the McPOW camp actually thought this was a good idea? The man can't get the day of the week right, how's he gonna look going up against Obama?

Harry Reid has promised hearings about the Pentagon Puppet Program. I promise to still not get my hopes up of any REAL action coming the Senate or Congress, I mean why would their balls drop now?

Mike Gravel has been without a doubt the most refreshing thing this election cycle.

Finally, I leave you with a lil word from Hillary...


SayHey Kid said...

Dews was trailing at the half and came back to rally for the win in overtime. Well done Dews, well done!

Bob Barr is a scary guy.

3 counts of Mark Chmura may be the greatest tagline ever!

Im shocked nobody has mentioned Obama's lead in the Superdelegate count.

Dews said...

Are talking about the "One-armed" poncho incident?

I'm ready to form my own party, but it would unfortunately be the Libertarian party, minus its inability to get qualified people to represent it nationally...

SayHey Kid said...

The one-armed poncho incident cannot be blogged about until Noodle releases that picture to the public.

Im afraid your party would be contaminated with scandal.

Dews said...

Then it would qualify as a legitmate party then wouldn't it?

I mean, how can you take a party seriously if it doesn't make the tabloids occasionally?

SayHey Kid said...

Im not saying that newly formed political parties didnt have blemesh's.

Im just saying our scandals past have been posted on numerous blogs, facebook, and myspace pages.

Those such as Jefferson and Adams were fortunate enough to NOT have that kind of publicity. Their scandals were noted well after their deaths.