Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Tyrannical Truthiness

Of course the best news last night happened, John Edwards officially endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination. This of course officially moves into the Obama camp since we were all Edwards supporters. To quote CityCat last night when I told her the news, "THANK GOD! It's about time!"

Ah the old addage of writing checks your body can't cash. Ah, the body of a 31 year old gang banger and the mentality of a five year old.

Wexler, for my money, is the best damn Rep in Congress today. What we need to determine is how to get the Justice Department to actually, you know...DO THEIR JOB!

The Clinton Campaign continues to push the idea of Hillary being the nominee whose job equates to a warm bucket of piss. Personally I think the nomination should be the picture above.

We apparently know what it will take for Congress to go after Impeachment, and that's invading Iran. I guess they're going with the fool us once shame on you...wait, that doesn't even work, I don't know what they're thinking.

Chicago Dyke has a great post up about how we all need to LISTEN rather then just hearing the bits and pieces you want to hear. A truly phe-nominal post of someoen, who like many of us, are so tired of the blind sheep following whoever the media tells you to follow.

Twenty-Nine reasons to pull your head from the sand or why people need to get over their "Political Apathy Disorder" and fast.

Be prepared to see your first amendment rights go the way of the Californian Condor. What do you need to understand about homegrown terrorism? They're either a) Militia b) Religious Wackos c) PETA or d) Religious Wackos who blow up abortion clinics.

No wonder McPOW can't keep track of who his lobbyists have worked for, he can't even keep track of who his wife has had business dealings with. Now that this story is out, I wonder if the clamor for her taxes to be released gets even louder.

Finally KO has a few choice words to Dubya about his retirement from the sport of Golf to "show solidarity with the families of the soldiers in Iraq". He stopped playing in 2003, so this is just for the IRAQ War, once again proving that he really never cared about getting Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

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