Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We Love Tournaments

The cast and crew of love the NCAA Tournament, King of the Ring, old school UFC and anything else that is a one and done deal. We love it so much that we plan on doing tournaments on this website on a regular basis. We will cover everything from sport plays, movies, music, who knows what else in the coming years.

We begin though in a traditional bracket, one that you see many times over in the blogosphere, the hottest woman tournament. Now this is different from some others, I feel, because we're all a bit older then some and our tastes very greatly. The majority of us came up with the competitors, with those receiving multiple votes getting the top seeds. From there it was just random placement.

With that being said voting shall begin tomorrow, each competition shall be open for voting for two work days, and continues on until we have a victor. I humbly give to you, our tournament...

LSWTF's Hottest Woman Alive Deathmatch

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