Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Randomness

Lot of stuff to catch up on, as its been a while since I've been posting on a regular basis (my company is in the middle of a move to a new location, so thats keeping me extremely busy during the day).

First off, in a move that Yahoo's stock-holders will one day regret, Microsoft has decided to go "an independent route" then that of Yahoo and has withdrawn their bid to buy the second largest search engine company (behind of course the God-like Google).

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer had orally offered to pay $33 per share, or $47.5 billion, for Yahoo, up from an initial bid valued at $44.6 billion, or $31 per share. At the time the negotiations collapsed, the value of Microsoft's original offer had fallen to $42.3 billion, or $29.40 per share, because half the deal was supposed to be financed with Microsoft's declining stock.

Yahoo's board wanted $37 per share - a price that the company's stock hasn't reached in more than two years.

Look, I don't begrudge Yahoo for trying to avoid becoming part of the monster that is Microsoft, but lets be honest with ourselves here, the job of a company's board is to look out for their stockholder's best interests and in this situation they have clearly failed in that regard.

I've never been a fan of Microsoft, but I would challenge anyone to admit they don't run a pretty tight ship as far as profits and market share go. I can't imagine many of their stockholders being upset with the way they've run the ship so far...

Oil prices continue to skyrocket out of control, as the price of a barrel of crude has now gotten to $123 a barrel...

Just wanna read that one more time... $123 a barrel!

What happened to all those economists dire warnings that the entire American economy would cease to exist after it got over 100 dollars? Just unreal man, unreal...

Finally, still more horrible news out of Myanmar about the over 23,000 dead so far in the deadly cyclone that hit yesterday...

Hungry crowds of survivors stormed the few shops that opened in Myanmar's stricken Irrawaddy delta, where food and international aid has been scarce since a devastating cyclone killed more than 22,000 people, the U.N. said Wednesday.

Corpses floated in salty flood waters and witnesses said survivors tried desperately to reach dry ground on boats using blankets as sails. The U.N. said some 1 million people were homeless in the Southeast Asian country, also known as Burma.

Really feel like there should be more attention given this situation especially with the excessive loss of life here. We seem so insulated in this country when a few thousand people die it becomes a national day of reflection, but when 23,000 people die somewhere else from an "act of God", we just kinda yawn and go back to checking Facebook all day.

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Jack Gonzo, MD said...

I wonder though how much of those dead are from the cyclone and not just the powers in Burma using the natural disaster to cull a few thousand opponents.

It also appears to be Dewey's birthday, or so Facebook says.