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2009's Pre-Season All Americans

Good morning everyone and welcome to our pre-season All American selection show. Today we are bringing to you my choices for the pre-season all American team which will no doubt stir some sort of controversy, even if you all never actually write about it.

QB- Chase Daniel, Missouri
I know this won't be a popular choice as most would chose the number two or another Big 12 QB, but I think Daniel is the real deal and will eventually turn heads at the next level. He's not the most physically gifted quarterback, but was a Heisman finalist, the first ever for Missouri. Plus this is a quarterback position and is a far superior thrower then Tebow and does the most important thing, win games.

HB-Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
You've heard my praise during the pre-season top 25, but Moreno is my choice for Heisman this year, baring injury of course. Some have likened him to Garrison Hearst, but I see his dominance that is much closer to the greatest Georgian running back of all time, and world's greatest bobsledder, Herschel Walker.

HB-CJ Spiller, Clemson
CJ Spiller reminds me a great deal of Moreno, the difference being that Moreno plays on a much better coached team. This will be the year the folks at Clemson will see what USC saw when they had Lendale White and Reggie Bush, a true thunder and lightning combination.

WR-Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech
Words cannot express the explosive nature of Crabtree, especially at the pass happy Red Raiders. They've always had solid receivers, like Wes Welker, but they've never had anyone with the pure athletic ability of Crabtree. This is the kind of kid who usually goes to USC, not Texas Tech.

WR-Brian Robiskie, Ohio State
I was torn on whether to put Robiskie or Maclin here as the starter. I went with Robiskie since he's the starter, and I've seen him play every year of his college career with poise and excellence. I think he'll be an outstanding professional, not a head turner like Edwards, Moss or Owens; but the solid kind like Welker, John Taylor and Stallworth.

TE-Chase Coffman, Missouri
Missouri was in the enviable position last year of having arguably the best two tight ends in college football last year when they had Coffman AND Martin Rucker. Now Coffman is the show in town at the tight end position, with even more experience and is head and shoulders above any other tight end in the nation.

OT-Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma
This mammoth of a man, 6'8" 337lbs, anchors one of college's most talented offensive lines and protects one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Sam Bradford. He easily could have gone pro last season, but stayed for his senior year, which always gets my admiration and respect. He will likely be fighting Oher for the number one tackle taken in the draft next year.

OT-Michael Oher, Ole Miss
Like Loadholt, Oher is a mammoth, 6'6" 322lbs, and stayed in school when he could have declared for the draft this year. He may be the one bright spot on an Ole Miss team that hasn't seen happiness since Eli snubbed the Chargers. A sure fire first rounder, the man faces all kinds of talent in the SEC and remains a rock for Ole Miss.

G-Jim Tartt, Florida
The 6'3" 315lbs guard from Florida is a down right mauler with a mean streak, the kind I like in my offensive lineman. The kind of man who takes offense at you trying to sack his quarterback, and he'll be damned if you're gonna plug the hole that his offense is trying to run through.

G-Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
At 6'5" 330lbs Duke Robinson is usually the size of a tackle, but the Sooners have him inside opening up lanes for underrated running back DeMarco Murray. Could easily be the first guard taken in the draft, plays with great technical skill but his lack of speed is what turned him into a guard.

C-Max Unger, Oregon
If I could have a inside presence of three Max Ungers on my offensive line, I would be a happy man. Much like Jim Tartt, Max Unger is a mauler, taking offense to the defense and dominating the middle. It was a very close call between him and rival Alex Mack from Cal, in the end Unger was more of the Mauler and got the nod.

K-Colt David, LSU
He set the SEC all time scoring mark last season and could very well break all of LSU's kicking records this season. May be one of those rare kickers that is actually drafted in the NFL.

DE-Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
Johnson may be the most athletically gifted defensive lineman out of the all americans. At 6'7 270lbs, he is fantastic at disrupting the passing lane of the quarterback, never mind the ability to beat the tackle to the quarterback. Should be a star at the next level, Johnson may eventually be one of those 3-4 tweeners.

DE-George Selvie, South Florida
Selvie hasn't even graduated and may already be South Florida's greatest defensive player ever. Their first ever consensus All-American ever, he lead the nation in tackles for loss last season and was second in sacks with 20. In fewer games he had more sacks then anyone in the NFL last year. He'll likely become a linebacker in the NFL since he's only 245lbs, he comes back this is as maybe the most decorated college defensive player playing next to James Laurinaitis.

DT-Fili Moala, USC
If he hadn't come back for his senior season, Moala could have competed at being the first defensive tackle taken in last year draft with Glenn Dorsey. This will be his third season starting at defensive tackle at USC, which is skill alone with amount of talent they continually bring in.

OLB-Brian Cushing, USC
A member of the watch list for the Bronko Nagurski Award and Lott Trophy, he two is entering into his third season as a starter of the USC defense and continues the dominance of USC in this season's pre-season All Americans. His first season starting though was a defensive end, show the is a definite mean streak within him. Almost assuredly will be a first rounder this coming spring.

ILB-James Laurinaitis, Ohio State
The son of Animal, Ohio State's Road Warrior is back for his senior season to lead his own Legion of Doom to an almost unprecedented event in college football today, three straight national title games. He is a returning All-American, Butkus and Nagurski Award recipient, he shocked almost everyone with returning for his senior season.

ILB-Rey Maualuga, USC
The third Trojan on this list, he is also the third Trojan who is going to be a starter for his third straight season. Continuing the tradition of great linebackers at USC, Maualuga has managed to rack up 194 tackles so far in college, which is down right sick. The man knows how to get to the ball and is constantly swarming all over the field. He should fight Laurinaitis for the first linebacker spot, much like Gholston and Long did this year.

OLB-Zack Follett, Cal
If you don't watch any football past the rocky mountains you may not know about Zack Follett. The man hails from my high school's arch rival and is on the preseason Watch Lists for the Ronnie Lott IMPACT Trophy, the Bronco Nagurski Trophy and the Chuck Bednarik Award. Has led Cal in sacks the last two seasons and should grab your attention before the season's end.

CB-Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
Much like James Laurinaits, folks were pretty shocked when the sure fire first rounder opted to stay another year in school as well. Likely will produce more money for Jenkins, and helps the Buckeyes get back to the title game as the BCS computers obviously lost a bet with some Buckeye fan.

CB-Vontae Davis, Illinois
Maybe the best sized corner in the nation, Davis should just conitnue to get better for Illinois. The DC native saved his best game for the most important, notching up 13 tackles in the Rose Bowl loss to USC. His athletic ability and love for the game should finally get him some national recognition this year.

FS-Taylor Mays, USC
Everything that has been said about a Trojan defender earlier applies to Mays as well. Three year starter, award watch lists, following a proud tradition, the only difference is Mays comes back to the Trojans as a returning first team All American. The combination of Mays and Ellison may be the best Safety combo in the entire nation.

SS-Myron Rolle, Florida State
Unlike others, I'm much more impressed with Myron Rolle then I am with Michael Hamlin who usually gets the ACC recognition. A player with pure talent and pedigry, Rolle should be in consideration for first safety taken when he enters the NFL draft. His resume though makes him sound like a Trojan though, three year starter, award watch lists, following a proud addition, yada yada yada.

P-Kevin Huber, Cincinnati
One of the bigger punters you'll see, 6'1" 220lbs, Huber led all of college football with his 46.9 yards per punt average last year as he pretty much nabbed all the awards a punter could grab. Grew up in Cincinnati, went to college in Cincinnati, won't be surprised if he'll be punting towards Cleveland next year.

QB-Tim Tebow, Florida
He already has a National Title, but shared the QB duties with Chris Leak of all people. I think he'll be converted into another position in the NFL.

HB-Chris Wells, Ohio State
Damn near put him as my number one, Spiller barely beat him out. Damn good running back, maybe their best since Eddie George.

HB-Joe McKnight, USC
Over looked nationally as he shares some of the duties, may be the most underrated running back in the nation next to DeMarco Murray.

WR-Michael Jones, Arizona State
A gifted athletic talent, was selected by the Yankees in the draft this past year, may be the most unsung wide receiver in the nation, with the possibility of having the biggest upside in the NFL.

WR-Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
If you mixed Braylon Edwards and Joshua Cribbs together at the college level, you'd get Jeremy Maclin who has helped turned Missouri into a contender.

TE-Travis Beckum, Wisconsin
Another surprising Big Ten football player who came back for another season may actually hurt his draft status as this could be a very bad year for Wisconsin, the talent is there though.

OT-Ciron Black, LSU
Is definitely in the argument for best left tackle in college football, the Tiger from Tyler may very well be a sure thing top twenty draft pick very soon.

OT-Andre Smith, Alabama
There could be much debate with the offensive linemen, it could be a matter of preference, but almost all these young men can be interchanged, especially Andre Smith.

G-Herman Johnson, LSU
I love this monster of a mastodon, and should be around for a very long time in the NFL. LSU may be the only line in the country who can compete with Oklahoma for best line.

G-Louis Vasques, Texas Tech
I love the play of Louis Vasques and I don't think he gets as much respect from some folks in the country, since he plays at Tech, as he should.

C-Alex Mack, Cal
Many would have Lugis here as well, but those folks sadly have an East Coast bias. I know some don't believe in it, but having have lived on both sides, believe me, it's there.

K-Matt Evensen, Oregon
One of the more athletic kickers, put it this way, at Oregon the only person out of the punters, kickers and quarterbacks who was faster then him last year was Dennis Dixon.

DE-Tyson Jackson, LSU
I know folks LOVE this kid, but I think he was benefited by having Glenn Dorsey next to him. I think this year we'll really see how good he really was.

DE-Greg Middleton, Indiana
Led the nation last year in sacks, pretty good when you think how he must be the only good defensive lineman for the Hoosiers. No disrespect to SayHey's lady, but IU is, or was, basketball country.

DT-Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn
Marks has been hailed ever since he was a freshman, and is a damn good player, just not as good as Moala.

OLB-Jason Phillips, TCU
He was named Texas' best linebacker last year, at TCU. His total tackles have gone up each year, last year totaling 97 tackles. This may be the year he tops 100.

ILB-Brandon Spikes, Florida
Still a young player with only 9 starts, the future looks bright for Spikes as the Gators continue to convert to Urban Myers' style of play.

ILB-Scott McKillop, Pitt
Led the nation in tackles last year, the man is a tackling machine, making plays all over the field. Grew up near Pitt, plays at Pitt, will likely continue to do so at the next level.

OLB-Marcus Freeman, Ohio State
I'm sure there are Buckeyes who don't like that I have Follett over Freeman, then again they're all plastered by the time Follett comes on ABC now aren't they?

CB-Jamar Wall, Texas Tech
No one is paying attention, but I am. This kid is one of the best corners in the nation and I think will only get better this year.

CB-Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
Perhaps the second team of corners should be labled most overlooked. Wall and Smith may not be the big time athletic guys at big name schools, they're just the ones who continue to make play after play.

FS-Troy Nolan, Arizona State
Off season resume looks like a Trojan, Bronko and Lott watch list. Had seven interceptions last year and returned TWO for touchdowns. I don't know the math, but that's some damn good slugging percentage.

SS-Eric Berry, Tennessee
SEC's Freshman of the Year last year, he has a very bright future for the Volunteers. May be my favorite Volunteer ever by the end, which is easy since I'm not a fan of overrated Tennessee, but I am an Eric Berry fan.

P-Jeremy Boone, Penn State
Averages just over 40 yards a punt, including 25 of 59 landing inside the opponents 20 yard line.

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